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Oct 5th, 2016

The week continues to chug along. Hopefully yours has gone relatively easily. Mine’s certainly been busy. It might not look like it, but it’s been fairly hectic on this side of my screen. Writing posts, e-mailing people about all sorts of things, proofing projects for upcoming games. Just seems to always be another inbox full of stuff to take care of. That does mean the week’s gone by rather quickly, though, which is always nice. Anyway, if I want to keep my energy up, I should snack on some bite-sized gaming stories.

On the platter today, we have: KaYo Miniatures Running The Imitator Horror Mini Kickstarter, New Surakari Draco and Delphinus Miniature Kit Now Available, Deep Madness Board Game Coming To Kickstarter, Final Day For Loaded Dice On Kickstarter And Growler D100 Added, Official Infinity Dice Now Available, 10mm Fantasy Ogre Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, New Elf Warriors Available From BlackChapel Miniatures, Diehard Miniatures: Eru-Kin Expansion, and Engraved Dice Towers by CrowScratches Up On Kickstarter.

KaYo Miniatures Running The Imitator Horror Mini Kickstarter (Note: some nsfw minis further down the project page)


The first miniature of the line “Shadows Within” A horror story that develops in a steampunk world. Add-ons available.

New Surakari Draco and Delphinus Miniature Kit Now Available


The first new Surakari miniature kit in several years is here. With this $10 kit, either a Surakari Draco(prime) frigate or a Delphinus(Anti-Missile) frigate can be built. Combining a pewter hull with 3D printed weapons, this kit improves the detail of the miniature greatly over the previous frigate. Currently this stand alone kit is the only way to acquire the new figure.

The new Surakari frigate kit can be purchased in our online store.

Deep Madness Board Game Coming To Kickstarter


Deep Madness is coming on October 14th 9am PDT.

Share this image to win the Deep Madness core game and all unlocked stretch goals. 3 lucky investigators will be drawn and announced right before the campaign begins. With your help, this campaign will go well and unlock a ton of stretch goals. It’s time to spread the madness to the world!!

Final Day For Loaded Dice On Kickstarter And Growler D100 Added


We did it! The Growlin’ d100 is fully unlocked! We’re already on our way to the $15,000 goal! Every backer – and I do mean EVERY backer – will be mailed a Loaded Dice vinyl sticker if we hit that goal!

Official Infinity Dice Now Available


Fight your battles with your favorite army’s dice! Corvus Belli presents the first three designs for our new dice, designed exclusively for each Infinity faction.

We start our new range with Yu Jing, Haqqislam, and Aleph dice. Other faction dice are on their way! Get them from your regular store or our online store.

10mm Fantasy Ogre Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures Up On Kickstarter

Charging down from the mountain tops are these 10mm Ogres from Black Gate Miniatures.

They measure in a mighty 18mm to the eye and are cast in 100% Lead Free Pewter.

If you ever wanted an Ogre army in 10mm scale, then this is the time to act. The Kickstarter ends at 6am on the 2nd November 2016.

New Elf Warriors Available From BlackChapel Miniatures

Today a new faction appears. Stalking in the dark forests are these strange creatures with pointed ears.

The Forests Elves are creatures with a strong territorial instinct, rooted in their dark and ancient forests.
Nature of these creatures is unstable and turbulent capable of the most armonious calm and the angriest violence.

At the moment the group is small, but the lethality of these is to take it seriously.

Diehard Miniatures: Eru-Kin Expansion Up On Kickstarter

Following on from last years successful KS Diehard are back to expand the range. As the Eru-Kin were such a popular faction it was only right that they should see their ranks swell first. The Eru-Kin Expansion KS gives you units and specialist figures to field anything from a small skirmish force to a full army. We are supporting both Sci-Fi and Fantasy armies as both seem very popular these days. There are also a sprinkling of none faction related sculpts, namely the Undead Snakemen and the Merc Raiders. Our Limited Edition KS figure this year is a Amazonian Dwarven priestess! There’s also a chance to buy figures from the first release if you are new to Diehard, or couldn’t get them last year.

Engraved Dice Towers by CrowScratches Up On Kickstarter


These towers are made using 1/8th inch Baltic Birch Plywood, and cut and engraved using a laser cutter. This means that every cut is precise and extremely detailed designs are possible. The final result is very sturdy and attractive. When closed it measures out to a simple 6.25″ x 4.5″ x 2.25″ box, making it easy to store or carry with you.

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