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Apr 27th, 2016
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Ok, everyone, we’re progressing along at a nice, steady pace through the week. We can keep this up. We can manage to continue this direction and speed and the weekend will be here before we know it. But we should stock up on energy. A great way to do that is via some bite-sized gaming stories. Good thing that’s just what we have for you now.

Today’s snippets include: New Tokens and Scoreboard Available From Advanced Deployment, Guild Ball Bag Standard Load Out Available From Battle Foam, Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Unarmed Civilians, Brigade Models Release New 15mm vehicles, Bombshell Miniatures launches KritterKins Kickstarter, Final Days For The Vampire, the Elf and the Cthulhu On Kickstarter, and Last three days for 25% off with intro deal At EZPainter.

New Tokens and Scoreboard Available From Advanced Deployment

Season 2 Token Sets are here! Now you can have Faction themed Custom AOES!
Track your game in style!

Guild Ball Bag Standard Load Out Available From Battle Foam

Guild Ball Bag

Pre-orders start now! Expected ship date is 1st Jul 2016. All items ordered with this product will ship at the same time.

Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Unarmed Civilians


We are proud to announce the release of our 28mm Unarmed Civilians.

All 4 of these models come with bases and are great for Modern Sci-Fi and Horror games!

Brigade Models Release New 15mm vehicles

After the release of the FAsolini 15mm figures on Friday, today we’re following up with some heavier hardware.

Most powerful of all is the Henschel Pz266 Eisenfaust (Iron Fist) laser tank, accompanied by the big and bulky Schützenpanzer Pz441 platoon carrier.

Our other model is the EuroFed Gamelin 10-wheeled tank, used by the Legion Etrangere to support their lighter APC units.

HS15-311 – Henschel Pz266 ‘Eisenfaust’ Laser Tank – £10.00
HS15-312 – Henschel Pz441 ‘Kastenwagen’ Platoon APC – £9.00
SF15-407 – Gamelin Wheeled Tank – £8.00

Bombshell Miniatures launches KritterKins Kickstarter


Since a child, I’ve had two constant interests in my life. One was for animals–I’ve collected and read numerous books regarding the study of animals as well as fictional stories in which animals where prominent characters. I’ve also loved to draw and I especially like cartoons and animation. So I finally got with Pat and discussed combining these passions and talents into a new line of critter miniatures.

The result is a fantastic list of cute critters of many animal types from many popular genres, including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Western, and more, that we hope you’ll enjoy. The core set begins with several characters with medieval Asian influence, but stretch goals will encompass various other genres. Care is taken to size the figures so they are compatible with other models from the most popular manufacturers within the 28mm to 32mm range of heroic scale sizes. KritterKins™ are cast in high quality pressure-cast urethane resin that reproduces almost exactly the detail of the original sculpt. All models are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

Final Days For The Vampire, the Elf and the Cthulhu On Kickstarter

Vampire Elf Cthulhu

Last 3 campaign days of The Vampire, the Elf and the Cthulhu (VEC) boardgame on Kickstarter! We are at 82% and there we need still 60 participants to fund this amazing and original game. We need you!

Last three days for 25% off with intro deal At EZPainter


As the end of the month draws in so does that sweet intro deal that has ran for so long! Though there is light at the end of the tunnel, just like our encroaching summer weather you still have three more days to get that deal!

So jump on over to EZPainter and get 25% off your first order for the last three days!
(ends May1st)

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