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Midweek Snippets

The week is progressing along. The turbulence of Monday starting to calm slightly on Tuesday and hopefully continuing into today. Let's not jinx it by being overconfident, though. There's plenty of week left to go.

In the meantime, Wednesday means posting a collection of bite-sized stories.

In today's batch of snippets we have: New Warthrone approved army list: Orcs & Goblins from Warhammer, Onus! Rome vs. Carthage English Edition Coming to Kickstarter, Foxy and her gang are re-released at Statuesque Miniatures, Secrets of the Lost Tomb: The Elite Missions over 900% Funded, New 15mm Normans from Baueda added to Indiegogo, Two New Releases From Hitech Miniatures, Taranis Tracked Tanks by Bob Naismith offers now live from The Ion Age, New Infinity Limited Edition Unit Markers from Warsenal, and 11 Days Left in Cabals Kickstarter.

New Warthrone approved army list: Orcs & Goblins from Warhammer


Thanks to this new approved army list, you can now play Warthrone with all your Orcs & Goblins miniatures!

Warthrone approved army lists are unofficial lists created by fans, that have been submitted to AoW, and have been reviewed, tested and approved to be used against any of the other army lists (official and unofficial) for Warthrone.
These lists can be an adaptation of existing armies from other games, or completely invented armies, I will welcome all submissions!

Onus! Rome vs. Carthage English Edition Coming to Kickstarter


We would like to introduce you a new game called ONUS: Rome Vs

ONUS is a wargame that uses cards instead of counters based on
ancient battles the Roman Empire and the Carthaginian ones. It is a betseller in Spain where 1st edition has sold out. Now, the publisher Draco Idea inform us about the release of the ONUS 2nd edition, that shall be for first time published in English language.

In a few weeks we are going to start a Kickstarter campaign in order to release it.

Foxy and her gang are re-released at Statuesque Miniatures

S.O.E. Kill-Team

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce the re-release of some old favourites - the S.O.E. Kill-Team!

Emilia 'Foxy' Foxwell, Poppy Come-Lately and Tilly Tumbleworth have all be reworked and remastered, meaning they are now easier to assemble and cheaper to buy!

Not only are they cheaper individually, but you can purchase them together in the Kill Team Kill! Special Offer for only £14, saving a further £1.50.

Head over to the Statuesque Miniatures Online Store to grab your very own Kill-Team!

Secrets of the Lost Tomb: The Elite Missions over 900% Funded

The Elite Missions

Nearly 900% Funded in less than 2 weeks! Amazing!

What we've already started doing because of the amazing success of this Kickstarter so far, is we've already begun working on the New Alternate Artwork for the new Upcoming Expansion for Secrets coming this November. The new expansion that will highlight a new Secret and Personal Quest Mechanic that when completed will level you up, EPIC versions for all Adventurers as well as a new Traitor Mechanic that will act as a new optional way to play in addition to the Secret Quest/Personal Mission Mechanic, inspired by the feeling that other great games give you like Battlestar Galactica, Shadows over Camelot, and of course Betrayal.

Still some Limited Pledges Remaining!

New 15mm Normans from Baueda added to Indiegogo

latest addition to our range: 15mm dismounted Norman milites and foot command!

Code: NRM8
15mm Norman foot command
The Norman milites spent quite a bit of his time fighting on foot. Henry I made good use of dismounted troops at the battle of Tinchebrai in 1106. He was besieging the castle when his brother Robert arrived with an opposing relief force. Henry dismounted a large number of his milites and used them to support the lighter pedites infantry to good effect!

Pack of 8 figures (four different poses): EURO€ 4.00
Code: NRM9
15mm dismounted Norman milites

Time and again we read of heavily outnumbered Normans smashing a superior enemy force. While this may very well be propaganda we must concede that not all who wrote of these exploits were pro-Norman. We must also remember that unlike most of its opponents Norman cavalry could, and often did, dismount to fight as infantry when the situation required. This tactical flexibility was surely a strong weapon in the Norman arsenal!
Pack of 8 figures (four different poses): EURO€ 4.00

and right NOW YOU CAN GET THEM WITH 25% DISCOUNT by picking it as reward in our campaign

Two New Releases From Hitech Miniatures

Two new products from us. "Belphegor" jetbike and heavy weapon operator "Rigor Mortis" Check them out.

Taranis Tracked Tanks by Bob Naismith offers now live from The Ion Age

IAF100 ESO 2

Three 15mm scale Early Supporter Offers on the mighty IAF100 Taranis Tracked Tanks now live. Until 22nd October save 5%, 10%, 15% off release prices and one, three or five free packs of drones with your tanks as well as the monthly miniature and reward points. Awesome value! One of the finest ever 15mm armoured vehicles for wargames for space opera, near future and other genres designed by industry legend Bob Naismith. Get in on it now. Thanks.

New Infinity Limited Edition Unit Markers from Warsenal

Each month we'll be releasing unit markers for the various units that are released for Infinity: the Game. Once we've released a marker for a unit that marker won't be repeated so get them while you can!

Repeated units get a one time Blast template release.

Markers are sold individually and prices are for a single piece.

11 Days Left in Cabals Kickstarter


Immerse yourself in the alternative reality of Cabals. Fight for world domination using witchcraft, steam engines, wild powers of nature and denizens of folklore!

Cabals: The Board Game unites two genres, combining the best elements of card and board games. The digital version of Cabals was created by Mika Rosendahl, a Finnish Magic the Gathering champion. The game has been online for years and it is loved by its player community and reviewers. The board game can be played with two to four players. The starter box includes full playset of 276 cards (3 copies of each) and its future expansions come with fixed card sets.

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