Midweek Snippets

I did soooo much baking over the weekend.
*someone from the audience shouts out “How much baking did you do!?”*
I did so much that there’s still some of various treats left, even though there’s been a steady stream of coworkers out to the tables where they reside. Though we’re getting down to the last bits. I think it’s just a bit of fruitcake and the candy cane cookies left.
So, in lieu of trying to send those through the screen so you can try them, how about I just give you some tasty, bite-sized gaming stories, instead? Sounds like a plan.

Today on the platter we have: New Annihilation Beamer Available From Kromlech, The Goblin Sorcerer Paper Model Up On Kickstarter, Rebel Minis Christmas Sale Happening Now, and Mother of Dragons Resin Kit Up On Kickstarter.

New Annihilation Beamer Available From Kromlech

This set contains one resin Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform armed with Annihilation Beamer.
Designed to fit futuristic 28mm heroic scale. This model is approximately 53mm long, 44mm wide and 42mm height.

The Goblin Sorcerer Paper Model Up On Kickstarter

The Goblin Sorcerer is a paper model for tabletop role-playing games, miniature dioramas, paper toy collections or just for fun!

This RPG paper model includes a cardboard base (also called the Room), 3 paper miniatures (1 sorcerer and 2 giant rats), 5 paper accessories (1 bookshelf, 1 wooden crate, 1 chest and 2 doors), the assembly instructions and the Sorcerer background story.

The base (or the Room) is printed on a thick cardstock and is then glued to a cardboard. The paper miniatures and accessories are printed on a white cardstock.

Rebel Minis Christmas Sale Happening Now

The Rebel Minis Famous Christmas Sale is on! 20% off your total purchase with code MERRY17! Check it out now! www.Rebelminis.com and Merry Christmas!

Mother of Dragons Resin Kit Up On Kickstarter

Can you feel the heat of that immortal fire?
Yes we just launched the “Mother Of Dragons” campaign on Kickstarter and we need your support to bring it to life!
We don’t want just to fund it but we aim to unlock all the models and freebies we designed, yeah it’s not just about a miniature but a full range of goods!

The campaign started now and will last until December 31th, just in time for the new year eve!

  • chaoshead

    I thought I was the only person that liked fruit cake.

    • Not so!
      For the past 3 years, I’ve been working at changing people’s minds about Fruitcake through the use of Alton Brown’s “Free Range Fruitcake” recipe. I have to admit, before making my first one, I expected that I wasn’t going to like it. Yet lo and behold, I love it.
      And there have been several people at the office that begrudgingly gave it a try, only to say, “you know… I don’t generally like fruitcake, but this I like.”

      • chaoshead

        Alton Brown’s recipe is a REALLY good recipe to use imo as well. It is surprising how many people say they don’t like fruit cake, try it and enjoy it.

        • A lot of it certainly comes from pop culture stigma. “I’ve heard that it’s bad, so despite never having it, I don’t like it.” And there’s a lot of really bad mass-produced fruitcake out there. So making it from scratch, using a good recipe and quality ingredients, is the best way to counteract that. It’s mostly worked. Of course, not everyone is going to like everything, but this year, I’ve had people actually ask for the cake as a Christmas present, and I consider that a full win.

          • odinsgrandson

            I’ve had fruitcake. My dad likes it- but man, I really hate it.

            Then I had fruitcake in Brazil. They don’t use better ingredients (if anything, they’re worse) but they don’t use every kind of fruit. They just pick one, and go with that.

            It is surprisingly good.

          • I don’t begrudge people that don’t like it. Hell, we’ve got one warehouse worker who spat out the bite of my cake that he tried (seriously: took a bite and instantly, “mleeeeh!” back out into his hand). I found it hilarious. It’s not going to be for everyone. And even I’ve modified Alton’s recipe some for my own tastes. I’m not a fan of apricots, so those aren’t in there. Plus, I use the zest much like a Bay leaf. I’ll leave it in from the macerating fruit stage until after I’ve subsequently cooked the fruit, but still have to mix in the flour and such. I feel that adds most of the flavor, but leaves out the occasionally-rubbery texture that zest can take on. I also swap out to brown sugar because I like the bit of molasses twang in there.

            So yeah, I know it’s not going to be a thing everyone loves, and that’s fine. All I ask is that people give it a bite. If it’s not for them, cool. But I do hope to change people’s minds (and have on numerous occasions).