Middle Earth wargaming rules released

Middle Earth coverWargame Shop have released a set of wargaming rules for recreating battles from Tolkein’s Middle Earth.

From their announcement:
Wargame Shop have released for download a set of Fantasy Rules for Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Based on the books and ten years in the design and test playing these rules allow actions from skirmish encounters to full out company warfare. The forty page booklet covers all the rules you require including specific heroic feats for the main characters and spells for wizards and the wise.

Combat is simple with each figure having its own ability value, this is used for both attack and defence. All you have to do is add the values on the bases of your figures and roll a dice, its that simple. The rules are flexible and allow for company combat with integrated individual combat.

The rules come in a US imperial version and a UK/European metric version. A free 17 page playable sample of the rules is available from www.wargameshop.co.uk/rules.htm

Why not dust off those old Lord of the Rings figures and give them a new life in Middle Earth, you might even enjoy yourself.