Micropanzer Wargame Studio August update

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have sent an update regarding the status of several announced and new products.

ATV Drone

From their announcement:

Everything is on track with the British SAS 15mm figures.A thanks to all of you that have pre-ordered. This helps me know how many spins I will need to make sure I have enough on hand – I have updated the store to make it a little easier to order.

David Tauzia has done up the US ATV Drone.

The Light assault Warbot masters are on the way back to me for review. will do an update next week once I have a chance to assemble and paint one.

The 15mm aliens did not make it in time to get into mold but they are even better looking in person than in the photos. Very excited to see these in metal.

The alien hound male has also been mastered

Thanks for your time