Micropanzer turns 10 years old, updates on overall status

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Mar 20th, 2013

Micropanzer is 10 years old! *gets out the party hats and cake*
They’ve posted an update on how things are going and given us a look at some concept art.

From the update:

This month marks the 10th year micropanzer has been up and running. I am very thankful to still be able to continue this hobby business.

First look at color work of various concpets.

I have decided to hold off on trying to continue development of project slipstream 32mm figure line– – I have sold off existing sculpts – not the IP or production rights to produce more figures.
I cannot take project slipstream to next level by myself with no capital to do it right I would rather sit on it than sell cheap — Kickstarter was suggested but do not have contacts needed to get it done should it be funded the 32mm sculptor I have contacts with are all very busy working on thier own projects — I would give away rights to someone that could do it properly capturing the detail of art and produce a quality product. When I started development there was nothing out there I wanted to play or buy – Today there is a boom in 28mm sci-fi and it will be interesting to see who is still around in 2 years and what I can find on the shelves at the local game store.

I am still working on the 15mm figure line and terrain as well as new art concepts and color work — need to go from alpha to at least beta 2.0 on the rules before looking into a kickstarter as to reach the goal needed to line out the factions properly with vehicle support and troop variety will mean a larger goal than most 15mm have tried to achieve or have achieved.

I will be shutting down around April 15th for 3 weeks while out of town working.

I have added a button for the strider kit as the master has been sent to caster – until cast are in hand I have lowered the price to 20.00

New arrangement for 15mm building sets – most people ordered multiples so combined into larger sets and lowered price a bit.
Working on some new sets as well.
Added a painted building section and added a paint to order option for the terrain bits – this month any bit painted for $1.00 on top of purchase price.

Having issues contacting my sculptor so no word on release for new items –


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  • 4tonmantis

    Wait.. Micropanzer is still around? I had thought they went under when their website went all wacky… and in no way did I suspect they had been around 10 years to boot.
    I would say congrats but it sounds like there is a bit more work to be done.

    My advice is do a smaller kickstarter for the 15mm (pun intended) line, and use the capital to invest in future developments. Honestly, the kickstarter could be something as simple as an art book or updated rulebook or whatever. For Micropanzer a campaign would be more powerful as a form of advertising than a fundraising tool (you never know though).

  • Happy anniversary, Jason! Looking forward to seeing the factions develop into larger ranges… they are among the best figures available in 15mm sci fi.


  • Definitely agree, Chris. My Tomorrow’s War figures are all Micropanzer models.

    Will Micropanzer be at Recruits early April?

  • BaSaint

    Congrats to J…love his stuff.