Micropanzer to do vouchers instead of Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 28th, 2014

Micropanzer knows some of you gamers are feeling the Kickstarter burnout. So instead of going that route, they’ll be doing vouchers instead.


From the announcement:

We am working on getting back up and running full speed ahead – we have so many new codes to put into production and a set amount on hand to get started . 2013 was basically a development year and am very happy with new items.

We have done the math for a kickstarter and while it does seem very appealing at first what we don’t like is that 10% or so goes to the kickstarter/Amazon people – not a huge deal for what they can help you do but we would rather pass the 10% on to the end customer to save . So from now until April 31st we will be doing my own fund raising in the form of voucher pledges – We have the last master mold being made and once they are in hand and cleaned will pull trigger on production mold – a number of production molds are all ready being worked on – so this will happen regardless of people buying vouchers –We am hoping the voucher program allows us to do it faster in one go verses over the course of the next 6 months – Plus it give you the customer a nice discount.

If you head over to the store you will see we are also doing a buy one get one on resin cast items –and have some nice painted items for sale at fair prices. On the resin items you can mix and match so if you send 10 bucks on A B C and would rather get E F G as your freebie then email me letting me know once you order – if you want duplicates then just order A B C and we will send you 2 of each . – Hope that makes sense, We are limited on what we can do shopping cart wise. On the painted items there is no way to do one off buttons that we know of so if interested just email me and we will take off site as items sell.
Come April 31st we are taking down the resin item section as we have something new in mind by year’s end – will still sell items painted from time to time.

Back to the way we are handling the voucher program is as follows –

We have several levels – each level will get you more credit than spending – prices of items have been added to online store for most items and there are a number of items not shown at all on site that will be available. Prices listed in the online store are more than likely on the high side and hope to adjust many down by 10% – As molds are made and spin cost com in we will adjust prices accordingly. US shipping is 6.00 and UK is 12.00 regardless of level pledged unless stated – UK people we will not add shipping cost to declaration page and will value at pledge levels not credit level.

Email me at [email protected] Micropanzer.com if you have any questions —
Scout level — $20.00 — you get $25.00 to spend.
Strike level –$37.50 – you get 50.00 to spend
Vanguard level – $70.00 – you get 100.00 to spend
Echelon level – $97.50 – gets you 150.00 to spend
Invasion level –80.00 – gets you 300.00 to spend

April 31st we remove buttons and start adjusting retail prices down if able to and will send out a excel order sheet to all voucher holders – At this time looks like mid May to end of May to ship out, should caster get an influx of molds to cut would be the only issue to delay – they are on a first come first served – there is no waiting for greens or casting issues to overcome.
Shipping added at pay-pal check out
World shipping 12.00 – if for some reason shipping is going to cost me more than breaking even on your order we will refund your money or ask for difference to at least break even on cost.
US shipping 6.00

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  • invasion should read 180 not 80 — early morning sorry

  • Ok gotten a few email about what are you actually getting —

    simple answer is a discount off retail prices — you can order anything from entire catalog with voucher credit

    it is not a package deal of minis it is a way to get a % discount — more you are willing to spend the more of a % you get off retail.
    it is not just a gitungi project it is a online store wide project — prices are regular retail price — at end of sale I am sending out a order form that will have full retail prices

    voucher of 20 dollars you would be able to spend 25.00 thus saving 5.00 or 20% off retail
    voucher of 37.50 dollars you would be able to spend 50.00 thus saving 12.50 or 25% off retail
    voucher of 70 dollars you would be able to spend 100.00 thus saving 30.00 or 30% off retail
    voucher of 97.50 dollars you would be able to spend 25.00 thus saving 52.50 or 35% off retail
    voucher of 180.00 dollars you would be able to spend 300.00 thus saving 120.00 or 40% off retail

    Instead of me picking what minis you get I am allowing the customer to choose what they want from entire catalog — more freedom than I could do with a kickastarter.

    • 4tonmantis

      Wait.. is the 97.50 a typo .. because 25 doesn’t look right..

  • BaSaint

    This has always been a great deal via Micropanzer and I might be doing it again!!!

  • Luckily I can design better than I type and talk — 9.50 gets you 150 to spend