Micropanzer November update and previews

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted an update on the status of their new releases as well as a preview of some upcoming figures.

From their announcement:

15mm Aliens and Warbots are in hand — Sculptor is working on 6 new variants for the swarm aliens.

The 3d sculpt of the Valkyur Raven Jetbike is finished as well as sci-fi crates — I will be printing masters of this as well as the ATV and the reworked legs of the light assault warbot first of year, as well as build instructions.

The 32mm Alien Hounds have been production molded and are in hand and can be found in the 32mm store section.

The art work for the next Amakudari Industries robot is finished and is being started by the 3d artist. There will be slight differences from art to final 3d render as art implies it is a manned vehicle and not a robot

I have 6 new Valkyur 32mm figures in the pipeline as well. The rider for the jet-bike is one of these figures.
As always thank you for your time.
Jason Moore