Micro Art Studio Releases Wolsung 1.1 Beta Rules

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Jan 17th, 2012

Micro Art Studio releases version 1.1 of their steampunk skirmish game:

From their post:

Hi there We’ve released Wolsung beta 1.1 rules More info about changes:

Actual download http://www.wolsung-ssg.com/?p=49

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  • Cherno

    Some things I notices from a quick glance:

    Page 4: The descritption is hard to read with all caps and wide margins.
    Under the descritpion text, left and right of that ornament, are two weird vertical lines of different thickness, those have to go! 😀

    Page 5: “When checking the distance the model
    moves, measure “from front to front” of the
    model’s base..” <– need one more “.”

    “Heroes are extraordinary individuals with
    unique abilities and gadgets and are best
    compared to Player characters in an role
    playing game.” <– “a” instead of “an”

    “Each model is described with a profile, listing
    all of it’s characteristics in a following
    order:” <– In “the” following order (?)

    Page 6: “An example of a profile of an ordinary human:” <– this seems redundant as it has a colon at the end whereas the sentence before also had it (see above). Maybe include this note in the last sentence?

    “A – Actions – the model is allowed to perform
    up to this many various in-game actions
    such as Move, Shoot etc in it’s turn.” <– etc.

    “W – Wounds – the amount of damage the
    model may suffer until he is killed. When a
    model is reduced to 0 W it is removed from
    the battlefield.” <– Until it or he/she is killed

  • AccessDenied

    Also, in your fourth and sixth examples, “it’s” should be “its.”