Micro Art Studio launches Wolsung Kickstarter

Micro Art Studio has gotten their Wolsung Kickstarter campaign underway. They’ve already passed 2x funded, so go check out the stretch goals and extras.



From the campaign:

We have prepared a new Stretch Goal for our Backers on kickstarter. It’s
a great opportunity to get all cards to all your old Wolsung minis.
Every pledge above supporter qualifies for this one.

  • blkdymnd

    It’s unfortunate that that are only doing terrain in packages, I’d love a warehouse or two and some catwalks

  • powerflop@hotmail.com

    It’s possible now. Make a supporter pledge and get some terrain adons

  • Zac

    Some interesting minis but I really have to question any VSF game that has women dressing up like burlesque performers.

    And they don’t really interest me at all but kudos for doing halfling gangsters.

  • grimbergen

    Need some KS exclusives to tempt me to pledge. ALready have a lot of the stuff from the indiegogo campaign.