Micro Art Studio December releases

Micro Art Studio has sent along some information about their December terrain, miniature and accessory releases.


From their announcement:

Iron Brotherhood
In one package you can find two random selected models (unpainted) (bases not included). The models are unassembled. There are three parts: arms, head and torso. Minis made of resin.

Crusaders Legs
Set of Five Crusaders legs made of resin (unpainted).

Battlefield Low Fortifications MK II
New battlefield Low Fortifications MK II Straight #2 and Weapon Emplacement #1. Models are made from resin and can be used as one fortification system. In one packages you can find two straight parts or one weapon emplacement. All models are unpainted

New Tokens: “Skull” Black, “Time” Blue, “Mana” #1
All of them are made of two-layer mat laminate. Set contains 10 unpainted Tokens.

Colours as shown on the pictures.