Micro Art release HDF Catwalk terrain

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Jun 13th, 2011

Micro Art Studio have released their 28mm HDF Catwalk terrain kit.

From their announcement:

We’re proud to announce that first HDF – Terrain is finally released.

This model is delivered as a pack, unassembled and unpainted. The parts of the model are designed to slot together in a way that allows for a quick and easy assembly. It may be necessary to glue some parts of the model – use PVA (white) glue. Every model is cut from one or more panels of HDF (high-density fiberboard) of 3mm thickness. In the package you will find 4 boards.

Set contains of:

  • 2 x high long platform
  • 2 x small short platform
  • 4 x sets of stairs

Length of the whole assembled set: 85cm / 33,5 inch
Height of the highest platform: 12cm / 5 inch
Platform width: aprox 5cm / 2 inch

Before taking the elements out make sure they are fully cut. There are minor connections that prevent them from falling out.

Soon we’re going to release also some tutorials to help you with assembling our products

  • The March Rider

    I love the look of them and really want a set or two, but for what you get, I can’t justify the price for just die cut HDF board. I think if you were able to make a set of three or four for that price I would be in instantly.

    • kacccper

      Take a notice that the most part of the price is not the HDF either the design but the working hours of the laser.

      • And that they need to take into account a sizable discount to their retailers and distributors. It ain’t all profit being a wholesale manufacturer. Trust me.

  • BlazeXI

    Kacccper, could you show the other sheets? The banisters, support pillars and some steps are missing from the sheet presented.

    This stuff will look great with Miniature Scenery terrain. Will definitely get at least a set.

  • widgren

    i love them. i think the pricing is fair. now i just want maelstrom to stock them.