Metropolis Box Set Sale

By tgn_admin
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Feb 11th, 2011

Urban Mammoth is having a sale on their Metropolis Box Sets.

From their announcement:

Well we’ve recovered finally from the terrible winter; our factory was virtually snowed in for 3 weeks. Warheads: Medieval Tales was a great success over the Xmas period; it was our best sales month ever! However we do have excess stock of Metropolis boxed sets, so in order to spread the goodness and create some space for the forthcoming Warheads issue 4 we’re offering a 50% discount on all of our Metropolis Boxed Sets.

Further we’re going to offer our Metropolis rulebook at 60% off too, now only £8.00, see here:

This offer will run until the close of play on the 28th of this month (February).

Further we are now dropping our £2.50 handling charge on each mail order indefinitely.

  • scarletsquig

    Oh, man… 50% off! I was gonna buy food this month, but now I have other plans. 😀

  • wildger

    It is not the first time. Think again before you buy.

    • scarletsquig

      What do you mean, not the first time?

      I’ve been wanting to pick up a whole bunch of these fantastic models for a long time. Besides, the worst that can happen if the game gets canned is me being left with an awesome-looking imperial guard army. 🙂

      • supervike

        Absolutely. I’ve never played a game of Metropolis, but the minis are amazing. I’ve got plenty, but could use a few more…

  • Yup…those things are pretty sweet.

    AE: Bounty, Tomorrow’s War in space, and more! Gah. How much can I afford to spend?

  • I think he meant they ran the same sale a few months ago. I passed on it then, Might do it this time.

  • maxxev

    Anyone know WHEN their handling fees are being dropped as it’s still on there at the moment….?