MERCS Rule Book pre-order

MERCS Miniatures is now accepting pre-orders for their MERCS sci-fi skirmish rule book.

From their website:

The MERCS Rule Book will be available the second week of December. In celebration, created a early purchase special for the Rule Book in the store (). We have also lunched the updated front page with a special splash on the book pre-order deal.

If you order the book before December 12, you can purchase it at regular price and receive a free limited edition CCC Incinerator figure. The only way you can get this figure is to pre-order the book from our website store. “Kat Silvestri” (the CCC Incinerator) is being sculpted by Tom Mason. Keith will be posting the image soon. You can get a sneak peek via the Home page.

The figure is only available while supplies last. On December 12, the pre-sale special will be removed and replaced with the basic Rule Book store entry (for the same price, but no cool LE figure). So you better get your order on!

Check out their website for more details.