MERCS KemVar pre-order

MERCS Miniatures will soon be offering the first of their KemVar miniatures for pre-order.

From their website:

KemVar, as has been rumored on these very forums, is indeed releasing for pre-order Wednesday, February 10th. We will post images in the forums the same afternoon, with the updated store going live at 8:00 EST. The figures will be in production by then and we will be able to tell you exactly when they’ll ship.

The store will be broken down several ways:

  • As always you can purchase single miniatures.
  • We will have a KemVar Squad deal: this is just the figures.
  • We will also have a KemVar Squad deal with the t-shirt: this is the set with the KV t-shirt. The MERCS online store is the only place you can get the shirt. We have a limited (and I mean limited) number of shirts. First come. First serve.
  • We also will have the MERCS MegaCon Deal, which is both the CCC and KemVar squads in one purchase at an awesome price.

BTW, the t-shirts will always be like this: very limited single run deals. We aren’t a t-shirt company, and we make little to no profit. We do it as a fan service. Only those who care should get them; and we know they will wear them proud.