MegaMinis release 25mm Soccer miniatures and free game

MegaMinis are celebrating the World Cup with the release of several soccer players and a free set of miniature rules

Soccer players

From their announcement:

With the World Cup in session, we thought it would be a good time to release our first set of table top game rules. Golden Goal V1.0 is a free test version containing everything you need to start playing. Rules book also includes 2D paper minis and templates to help you build a quick playing field. We have also launched a Yahoo group (address found in the footer of the rules) for those of you with questions or suggestions. All of this and more can be found at

  • MEM-39009 Golden Goal 25mm metal miniatures ( 1 team ) $21.99 plus $3 shipping
  • MEM-39009-2 Golden Goal 25mm metal miniatures ( 2 teams ) $36.99 plus $5 shipping
  • MEM-39009-6 Golden Goal 25mm metal miniatures ( 6 teams) $104.99 Free shipping

Game is designed by Ian Johnson, miniatures sculpted by Leandro Ventic with painted images by Roger O’dell. All figures sold unpainted and cast in tin.