Megalith Games posts up Brewer of Odrorir

Megalith Games is a new gaming company on the scene. They’ve just started to post up pictures of some of their upcoming figs. Here’s a look at the Brewer of Odrorir.

From the website:

These are the greatest of brewers in Nordgaard, and their recipes are in fact encoded magical formulas and ceremonies; a fact which elevates the Brewers of Odrorir from tradesmen to minor elemental mages.

The enchanted formulas bind elemental Earth power into the drafts, endowing each with enchanted effects which work upon the drinker.

  • Cherno

    I cant’t imagine him fighting effectively using his big axe with that bottle rack on his back, but the idea is cool 😉

    • Bobofreak

      Really where critiquing the effectiveness of the make believe dwarf in the make believe land not being able to fight effectively due to the magic beer rack on his back?

      Love the mini and brilliant idea!! Magically imbued brew for battle cant get any Dwarfier!

  • Volstagg

    They did a very Good job of capturing my likeness there,
    don’t you think?
    After 30 years in the Gaming Community;
    it is quite a Privilege to be Immortalized in 28mm form.

    My Only Complaint…?
    They said they were going to do a “Fantasy” version of me:
    I wish they had added some form of fantastic exaggeration!
    Still, a sculpt in my Street Clothes is better than no sculpt at all!!