Mega Minis release Field Guide to the Demobot

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Nov 30th, 2010

Field Guide to the DemobotMega Minis have released a free PDF based Field Guide to the Demobot for their recently acquired Star Mogul range.

From their announcement:
Mega Miniatures releases the 11 page Field Guide to the Demobot. This science fiction FREE pdf is available at and contains the following:
• Assembly directions for this 17 part miniatures kit
• Salvage Crew Demobot stats and history
• Optional Nova Bombard and Tachyon Rifle stats and history

Plus I would like to thank the following people for their contribution of stats for the following game systems.
Scott Pyle of Supersystem (aka Superfigs)
Jack Herman of Villains & Vigilantes
Michael Taylor for Bash: Ultimate Edition

If any other game company would be interested in contributing stats based on this 60mm miniature, please contact Johnny at [email protected]

Updated versions of the Field Guide will be made available periodically.