Mega Miniatures parts store now open

By Polar_Bear
In Modelling
Jun 25th, 2012

Mega Minis has opened up their parts store. Now you can get the individual bitz you want, when you want them.

From the notice:

These are the first offerings of our new Parts Shop. Items are only available in our shopping cart store and I will be adding more weapons, chassis, wheels, tracks, etc. in the near future. See item description in store for size, details, and compatibility.

MEM-55000A Weapons Assortment x 14 $4.50
MEM-55000B Robotic Arm x 3 sections $2.50
MEM-55000C Rotary Blade Weapon 50 cents
MEM-55000D Mining Blade Weapon 50 cents
MEM-55000E Air cooled Auto Cannon $1.00
MEM-55000F Energy Weapon $1.00
MEM-55000G Large Gatling Gun Weapon $2.00
MEM-55000H Large Nova Bombard $2.00

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  • metalsifter

    Aren’t some of those parts from the old Org Slaughterer from Demonblade?

  • Roebeast45

    Humm… seems that they are. I guess not all of the Org molds were destroyed. Get a section of PVC pipe and you can remake an Atrocitor.

  • MegaMinis

    Although the ORGS were destroyed years ago due to IP infringements, some of the mechanical parts were reborn into an Atrocitor vehicle by Demon Blade miniatures that sat two human figures. More parts from the Atrocitor vehicle will also be made available to the PARTS STORE.

    • metalsifter

      I was wondering about that, since a friend of mine is the guy who worked for GW who went there and seized the molds and masters for a number of models., including one that looked just like an IG Commissar! He still had all of the molds and masters in the mold dept when they moved to Memphis, he finally destroyed them around 2006.

  • MegaMinis

    And what was your friends name? Certainly he could shed more light on the “rumors” that surround the few figures that were discontinued. The ORGS were not created by Demon Blade but by Grenadier models. GW apparently did not notice them on the market until Demon Blade began producing them. Demon Blade purchased the rights to them from Grenadier when Grenadier closed their doors around 1996.

    • metalsifter

      I can ask him more about it later this week, but I remember him saying that they were accused of using Citadel parts on their models, and found guilty in court. He was given a list of the models to seize, masters and molds.

      That’s about all he told me, other than they had the molds for years after that until he finally got rid of them in 2006, shortly before he left GW. I always thought they were Demonblade models, never knew it was Grenadier who made them.