Medium Transport previewed for X-Wing Miniatures

Fantasy Flight Games is showing off a preview of their first larger-scale mini for the X-Wing Minis Game with a look at the Medium Transport.


From the preview:

The first huge ship expansion for X-Wing™, the Rebel Transport will soon provide players with all-new ways to experience epic space battles set within the Star Wars galaxy!

Designed for use within the game’s Cinematic Play and Epic Play formats, the Rebel Transport Expansion Pack contains one GR-75 transport miniature, one X-wing miniature with a variant paint scheme, seven ship cards, twenty-four upgrade cards, and all the maneuver dials, damage decks, tokens, and game pieces that you need to fly your transport and its escort fighter.

  • Tamwulf

    Awesome! I just wish FFG would take a few notes from WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing for organized play. Special dice, extra cards, colored stands, awesome scenarios… why, FFG? Why can’t you support X-wing like that?

  • Haibane

    Pretty sure I remember the Game Classy podcast lambasting Wizkids for their organised play because the winners got stupidly overpowered ships as prizes. Like : “Oh, you’ve won before? Here, now you can win EVEEEERY TIME! WHOO!”

  • Mattman

    FFG do have counters, alt art cards and other things in their prize kits. The main thing I hate about Wizkids is the limited edition ships and cards only available as prizes. Imagine if the falcon was only available as a prize for winning a tournament?

  • Tamwulf

    To my knowledge, Wizkids has only offered ship cards, not actual ships. So the Falcon would still be available, but maybe not as “The” Falcon of Han Solo.

    It’s not necessarily the prizes I’m interested in, it’s the fact that Whizkids are already on the second “season” of organized league play and the game has only been out for, what, six months? While X-wing has been out for far, far longer. The only thing FFG has done is thrown together a couple prize kits and said “have fun”. There is no organized play.

    Why can’t we have release games for each wave of releases with alternate card art? Or maybe just a different colored stand? Or maybe plastic tokens instead of card board, or any of a hundred different things. And we get nothing.

    FFG has released this Regional Championship Pack for 2014. Ok, how many of those can a store run? What they need is a smaller, cheaper kit that a store can order and run with.

    For scenario play- spit out a custom league scenario every other week for eight weeks. Boom! Four custom scenarios, a little background fluff for each one, open up a sub-forum for the players, and offer intermediate prizes (tokens or dice or something) and a unique ship at the end of the league. Nothing overpowered- heck, maybe just a recolored ship.

    All I’m saying is minimal investment will return be rewards in this area for FFG. Why haven’t they done so?

    • BaconSlayer

      Probably because they don’t need to?

      Finding games of X-Wing is not hard. The only game that rivals it in terms of popularity at the moment is MtG.

    • Mattman

      Not sure were you are looking Tamwulf, but each OP kit has 3 ships in it. That is the model, along with a bunch of captains, crew and upgrade cards relevant to it. The winner gets one, and the others are for the organiser to do with as he pleases. The kits also include other stuff like map pieces and flagship cards for all the rest of the players. Most of the models are unique sculpts and you won’t be able to buy them, that is the WizKids way.
      The first OP event is coming to an end (they take 6 months) but none have finished yet. WizKids have released details for the next but that won’t start for as few months.
      WizKids also have all the models already available to them as they are the same ones used in the clik game, so it is easier for them to crank out wave after wave.
      Agree that x-wing could do with a way of getting scenarios into tournaments.

  • Picasso

    I’ve been in a huge debate about the competitive play of X-wing for sometime. I stumbled across this debate while researching a point someone made against my opinion. Not that I want to start a shouting match but I would like to say the following.
    First the game wiz kidz and jay little created for Trek is a solid game. It is a much more forgiving game to play than x-wing. When I first saw it and saw that kidz made it a living game I was astonished. I also realized that they changed the game just enough to not pay royalties to FFG for x-wing. I’d argue that some of the rule changes they made were for the betterment of the game. I’d argue rules they changed don’t apply to X-wing because it is dogfight not capital ship combat. What blew me away was their competitive play kits. They created a living game for balanced competitive play and then entered limited quantity special dice and over powered ships. This I didn’t understand. What I’ve seen start to happen at the local stores is that the people who are winning keep winning. Like ALL wiz kidz games they created a huge power creep. This happened over one kit. ONE. look at the power creep in clixs. You can’t even compete in clix unless it’s a sealed event. Which can’t happen in attack wing as it’s a living game.
    Now take this idea to X-wing and I will explain why it is an awful idea.
    First fantasy flight is new to competitive table top gaming. They are working something’s out and it is no big secrets that they are over hauling their tournament play. Patience people.
    Second having made the cut in both world tournaments for x-wing and the only player to do so, I have this to say. I won my falcon at the first world event. I was one of four people who had it one month before anyone else. I dominated with it. I DID NOT LOSE A GAME WITH IT. Now if it was unique and only for those four people, I’d probably have no one to play with.
    Third after the average life of a game (2 years) X-wing has a player base that is still growing. I believe this is because it is a living game. Market research has shown a sales decline in collect able gaming and a growth in living games. This is attributed to competitive gaming Apps where people compete on a global scale spending hundreds of dollars a month to stay on top.
    Fourth, yea FFG could put some amazing scenarios out. They should, but they need to fix the tournament format first.
    My two cents, I like that there are two different options for space ship combat in two great universes. If you have to compete for an advantage, trek is for you. If you rely on your guts and shear skill as a pilot then X-wing is your game. Play the game you want, don’t complain about them.