Mecha Front crushes its goal

Paulson Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Mecha Front. They made their goal in 20min., so it’s on to stretch goals for 15 days.


From the campaign:

Mecha Front is a table top war game and miniatures line that I have been developing over the last year. It features large scale robot models called “Mecha” that are able to be used with the rules system I have designed or they can be used alongside other 15mm scale games, such as Gruntz and Tomorrow’s War. The models range between 65mm-110mm in height (2.5-4.25 inches) offering an ideal size for both game play and for painters looking for a high quality display model.

It is a unique product line in that I currently create and produce all of the models myself. I construct the original models in 3d and I do all of the resin casting of the final product. It is a very rewarding and hands on experience and I really take pride in being able to produce models that people use and enjoy. I have a passion for it and it allows me to apply my artistic ability to something I love making, which I think is the goal for every artist.