Studio McVey headed to Salute

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 10th, 2014

Studio McVey will be one of the vendors headed to Salute this Saturday. They’ll have new Sedition Wars minis and a special deal going on as well.
Plus, check out these new previews.


From the man, himself, Mr. McVey:

We’ve got Salute this weekend, and we have a lot of preview releases for Sedition Wars. There are pictures of everything over on the *brand new* Studio McVey site in the news section!

We’re at stand TL13

We’ll have resin castings of all the previews, and the entire Limited Edition resin range at around 20% discount.

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  • Grim6

    The minis, as to be expected, look awesome. But I really will have to leave this one (I’m assuming this is all part of the rumored Arms of Sorrow KS) where it is until they fix / complete the first rule set, to include the long promised solo rules.

  • Major_Gilbear

    I kinda agree on the KS; even if I do decide to get in on it, I certainly won’t be making the mistake again of getting any extra “not-x” add-on figures (as those were especially terrible sculpts in the first KS).

    That said, these figs look stunning. I just wish that SMcV would give up on the whole “boardgame” format and simply do a proper skirmish game with metal figures instead.

  • lochmoigh

    completely agree with both of you. I have the better part of two KS copies of the Sed Wars game that I have yet to play. Rules in one spot that are easily playable are needed before anything else.