Massive Production Update for Rivet Wars

By Polar_Bear
In Alternate History
Apr 10th, 2014

Rivet Wars gives us an update on how things are progressing with the production of the expansions for their game.


From the update:

We finally received the first production sample from the factory for the remainder of the miniatures. We would like to share some pictures with you.

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  • joshuar56

    Looks like their expected delivery date is way out the window (that has been obviosu for a while). I’m not sure why they wont just come out and say it. If production is about to begin, you’re looking at 3-4 weeks at least for production and packaging. Then 6-8 weeks for the boat. And then probably 2 weeks to get off the boat and to CMoN. So conservatively mid to late July for KS backers?