Massive Darkness Kickstarter Launch Date Announced

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
May 26th, 2016

One of the things people were most excited about during the CMON Expo several weeks ago was the preview of Massive Darkness. It’s the new dungeon-crawl game from CoolMiniOrNot and Guillotine Games. It’s also the next game that they’ll be bringing to Kickstarter. And just now, they’ve announced the launch date.

For those that want a bit more of a preview of what they’ll be getting, you can check out my report from the Massive Darkness panel at the CMON Expo here. There’s also my little gallery I took of the models in the prototype box they had here. You can check that one out as well here.

Oh, and in case you didn’t see it there in the featured image, the Kickstarter will launch on June 7th at 3pm (Eastern).


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  • Davos Seaworth

    Or as CMON will come to know it: Massive Payday. (Srsly, this thing is gonna be YUGE!)

    • mathieu

      Any particular reason(s) you believe so? The miniatures look rather uninspiring to me, but that’s really all I can tell, I haven’t read about the game.

      • Davos Seaworth

        1) It’s CMON, and they are currently money in the bank for most KS
        2) The last medieval-inspired KS (ZCide: Black Plague) hauled in $4mill+
        3) This will be an actual dungeon-crawl, which opens up a whole new wide audience that might not have tried CMON stuff prior
        4) Supposedly MD will interact with Z:BP to some degree, which drags in even more buyers
        5) The minis are not only decent quality (especially for “boardgame-quality” stuff) but also have their own distinct vibe that stands out from other bog standard fantasy tropes

        This should be a license to print money.

        • Ghool

          I don’t know if the IP stands out at all. In fact, with some of the standard tropes so over-done lately, having yet another Not-Gandalf, Not-Conan, heavily GW-inspired Goblin,/Trolls/Orcs seems like there really isn’t a ‘distinct vibe’ at all.

          In fact, everything has a very uninspired and lacks an original feel. Considering CMoN/Guillotine at this point can pretty much print money, why they went with such tired and overdone fantasy tropes is beyond me.

          If anyone can take a risk on an IP, it’s these guys. But, they didn’t, and it’s not likely I’ll pick it up unless there’s something in it that screams originality.

          So far though, I don’t see it.

          • Davos Seaworth

            CMON production quality + fantasy dungeon crawl = goldmine. It’s that easy. If you need niche, this ain’t it. This is music for the masses, and will drag in both CMON fans and noobs from far & wide. Guaranteed.

          • Ghool

            Then why not make it something more original if it’s such a no-brainer? That was my point.

            It’s a cash cow, so why not do something besides the standard, over-done fantasy tropes?

          • odinsgrandson

            I see where you’re coming from, and you do have a good point.

            With original things like Shadows of Brimstone, Journey, Undercity, Dark Souls and even Kingdom Death out there, this set seems a lot less original.

            It is very much based around the “standard” Tolkienesque fantasy we’ve all seen copied over and over again since the first D&D book. To its credit, it is being done quite well here.

            I wouldn’t call that a weakness for this game- more like a missing potential strength.

            And as far as funding goes, I can’t tell you whether originality matters. Black Plague was probably the least original zombicide, and Reaper definitely makes great minis of “standard fantasy.”

          • crazytuco

            I would assume that the more inventive minis will be reserved for Stretch Goals in the Kickstarter.

          • odinsgrandson


            With Zombicide, Arcadia Quest and Sedition Wars, CMON used kickstarter exclusive stretch goals as a method of making very specific reference characters.

            I find it interesting that they did not do this at all with Blood Rage- and it probably has their best minis.

          • ced1106

            That’s how you get the cow to moo! 😀

            CMON backers have wanted a dungeoncrawler so CMON made one. If backers want some original games, they can fund another KS.

            Me, I’m in it for the evil gnomes. Three Reaper KS and we get a dwarf puppeteer, a wererat with six t*ts, an oni with a gourd for a codpiece, but no evil gnomes. 😛

  • mathieu

    Any particular reason(s) you believe so? The miniatures look rather uninspiring to me, but that’s all I can tell, I haven’t read about the game.