Martian Empires Prussian Tanks Released

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Oct 22nd, 2011

Black Hat Miniatures have release two new Martian Empire Prussian Tanks:

From their announcement:

We have now released the Prussian Steam Tanks for our 18mm Martian Empires Victorian Science Fiction range.

These are :

EMPV11 Heavy Prussian Tank £6.00
EMPV12 Light Prussian Tank £6.00

They are both resin and metal kits. The Heavy tank comes with the option of 2 long guns and 2 short guns enabling to choose how to arm it.

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  • Haibane

    These look pretty cool! Wonder if we can get an idea of their size though? Some British tanks along the lines of the Mark Vs from WW1 would be cool too (the current ones really don’t do anything for me…)

  • tredhed

    So gonna have to get these and mod them for our sci-fi games

  • Black Hat Miniatures


    The big tank is 50mm across by 70mm long

    The small tank is 35mm across by 55mm long

    All measurements to the extremities.

    Very quick pictures of a comparison with a Foundry 25mm FPW officer and a Martian Empires 18mm Prussian soldier below: