Marrow Productions’ Journey: Wrath of Demons unlocks new stretch goal

Marrow Productions has made it through another stretch goal over on Kickstarter. They’ve added new Fortune cards to Journey: Wrath of Demons.


From the update:

You are still knocking these stretch goals down! Great work, backers! We see Journey being mentioned in many places on the web and we know this is your work. Awesome.

So, we have unlocked 20 extra cards, 10 Fortune and 10 Misfortune cards, buffs and debuffs handed out with a spin of the wheel. More on exactly how these cards work in the next game play update. So, what are you getting? 20 reprints of our favorite cards? Of course not. 20 new cards for the deck? We can do better! These KS exclusive cards can be used to mix things up a bit.

  • joshuar56

    While they are only 10k apart for the most part, the stretch goals that you get for the $100 pledge are pretty lackluster. It’s shame, they seem to have caused a pretty big stall in the middle of the project. I once thought it could hit in the $700k range, now it’ll be closer to 300k.

    • When I pledged I thought this was an awesome campaign because we got a full game from the getgo at a reasonable price. Everything on top of that has been a real treat. If people are not pledging because of stretchgoals I’m inclined to think that most people have fallen prey to the “More strechgoals is MORE” even if it’s just a matter of adding stuff back into the box that was supposed to be in there from start.

      However I think it’s more complicated than that. Obviously I am just speculating.

      1) This is an odd non-scale that I am sure has some people holding off because they are not sure they can use the figures for other games.
      2) The buy-in is kind of high from the get-go for the base box if you are purely looking at the price for a boardgame. Some will not look at the contents and figure it’s just not worth it simply on the premise of the price and number of figures.
      3) While the setting is exciting to a lot of people because it’s something unusual and fresh, the lack of a bigger draw can also be attributed to that; it’s not a setting most westerners are immediately familiar with and the lion share of backers on KS seem to be westerners.
      4) It’s been proven time and again that quantitiy trumps quality. There are so many examples I could list, but I won’t.
      5) There has not been that much buzz surrounding this project compared to a lot of the campaigns that drew in the big numbers.
      6) Timing: A lot of people are tapped out with so many (big) campaigns hitting KS unrelenting. People have to pick and choose and you just can win them all.

  • TAMN

    From the Hand Cannon Online review at
    “The fact that this is a brand new company that has presented such a refined, and polished Kickstarter …….. Marrow has now set the bar. Beware anyone choosing to Kickstart a game after these guys! They’ll have some large shoes to fill. Small companies take note; Marrow has done it right….might I be even so bold as to say…the best?
    Marrow is tied for best run Kickstarter – this campaign looks as good as Myth. Yeah. I said it.
    If you want to help support a new game company that’s going to be producing a uniquely themed game, mind-blowing miniatures, and amazing artwork, then spend some money on Journey: Wrath of Demons. You have a little less than 2 weeks to do-so, and the campaign already has a pile of free figures unlocked, and some great-looking add-ons for your pledge.”

    • Levi

      Great review, indeed.

  • krzykoopa

    I guess its a matter of perception. The 100$ pledge itself is full game that means any stretch goals added will increase the value of what you get. Other campaigns will start with half a game and then add stretch goals till the game fills out THEN add stretch goals to give you more then what is in the box. I have been really excited by the new stretch goals recently unlocked was a 5th pilgrim with an awesome mini and optional wings and upcoming are soul hunters and cleansers plus more boss/mini bosses. Basement sweller makes good points. In the end it’s not for everyone. If you want a solid game that is complete out the box you cant go wrong as I said everything added on is gravy

  • AGN1964

    I am a backer of this project, I joined it on the first day.

    Journey looks like a solid board game with well thought out stretch goals. They are not giving out hundreds of identical minis. This is a board game, not a war game.

    They have released a lot of detailed game play information and the game looks like fun with a lot of replay value. The add ons are small and aimed at giving you alternative ways to play, not gouging you for large amounts of money.

    Many backers say it’s a great game and great campaign. Right now it is number 3 on the BGG hotness list and Marrow, a new company, is number 1 on the BGG hotness list.

  • Bubbahotep

    Its odd you say stuff should have be added to the box thats should have been there from the start but its playable from the box alone ( as has been said by the creators) That just sounds like bad apples as you cant get it all. If you got everything the creators would go out of business they have to make a living too.
    I like a bargain as much as the next guy but I don’t want to gouge the creators

    Just to reply to some of the speculation

    1) So you are getting more plastic for your money its that really bad? You can use the demons for other games as demons come in a scale of themselves check out the 30mm Darklands demons some of them are 120mm tall.

    2)Ok so you say if folk don’t read the rest of the details they wont buy into it. Really? how many folk do that in a kickstarter.

    3)I think that most folk who are into this geek segment of the market are probably more familiar than you think. Most 70’s/80’s kids will remember this as the Monkey tv series or todays kids as Dragon ball.( just because you are unfamiliar does not mean other folk are). If you look at the backers list you will find a high percentage of westerners who are backing it. Something is new and original thats a reason to stay away from the tired old games. ( sounds backward to me)

    4)So we should ignore quality because your undocumented statistics say so? Proven by whom. goods. If that is true then the tide will turn and most folk will be discerning in what projects they back. Quality projects will be the norm.

    5)Quite a lot of sites have this listed you go to a few figure sites like planetfigure, cmon, wamp and boardgame sites like board game geek and numerous blogs. Massive voodoo etc. Nobody can beat the likes of c’mon for bringing in the numbers. Its the fans that hopefully can get the word out.

    6)Its back to the ole question of well do you go for quality over quantity. Personally I would go for quality and you get that in spades in Journey : wrath of demons.

    Once again we both have our opinions, just felt yours needed a flipside.

    • I think you completely misread me and my intentions. That’s ok though.

    • I think this is an awesome campaign and I said “I AM HAPPY FROM THE GETGO”. I have been an advocate for quality over quantity on quite a few instances… I prefer a game like this.

      I gave a few speculative points on perhaps why this wasn’t soaring higher in the numbers in contrast to Joshuars point:

      While they are only 10k apart for the
      most part, the stretch goals that you
      get for the $100 pledge are pretty

      which I completely disagree with.

      • joshuar56

        Are you pledged at the $100 level?

        • I’m pledged at $180 solely on the premise of the starting contents and have not paid that much attention since. I want the resins and deemed that the four pilgrims alone were worth $80.

        • Oh and that the base box was fine at $100 once I got my question answered on the scale/size.

        • Lemminkaeinen

          I’m at the $100 level and have been really happy with the stretch goals. I really like the fact that they have realistic goals and aren’t going over board but rather keep their wits about them. This means that they might deliver on time. Also, they made the game so that $100 gets you a product that is worth that so all the stretch goals are simply extra.

  • Bubbahotep

    It was just an opinion based on your speculations. Were my responses unreasonable?

    I think intentions have both been misread. Just trying to be devils advocate on a project thats not been finished. Thats ok happens all the time on the ole tinternet.