Marrow Production previews Dragon Princess artwork for Journey: Wrath of Demons

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 5th, 2013

Marrow Production has posted up a preview of the Dragon Princess for Journey: Wrath of Demons.


From the update:

What is the new miniature? Perhaps you have noticed this announcement was not a stretch goal? We knew she was coming from the start and we always planned to have the steel mold for plastic production. She will be offered as plastic and resin immediately, with nothing to unlock. Want more? We will create a Kickstarter Exclusive pair of dragon wings and you can choose to assemble her with or without the wings. You get the Dragon Princess Profile Sheet and the standard 10 Pilgrim Skill Cards. Do you have one more question? How much will this cost me, perhaps? You should know better than that! Nothing. The Dragon Princess is a plastic Boxed Game Upgrade and a resin Collectors Upgrade. She is free to most backers! Just a way to thank you for supporting us and a celebration of being halfway to our destination.

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  • Levi

    Premium Level gets 1 plastic and 1 resin model? Sweeeeeeeeeet!

  • AGN1964

    This is big change to the project. A free mini for everyone getting the game. A resin and plastic version for some backers. More choice for the players and our first female protagonist! Woot! KS Exclusive wings!

  • krzykoopa

    Levi you forgot the removable WINGS!!


    how can you go wrong with a Free Miniature at both Journey and Premium. as well as KS exclusive Wings… Wings I tell you, along with everything else that you get…

    you also cant forget KS exclusive Pilgrim Skill Cards, the Extra Custom Dice,
    this is on top of the free Dragon Princess.

    this is such a worthwhile Kickstarter, you should check it out

  • Markheim

    This is the first KS I’ve backed and I finally threw-down because I felt this was a uniquely awesome project… and then this happened. Everything I’ve learned and seen since day 1 has made me glad I got in.

    • Levi

      I personally vote this KS the best 2013. Till now I have pledged over 600 bucks into it, worth well, worth well. I cut down all my later planned expenses this year and dedicated to this one. Really hope more gamers can find its value!

      • joshuar56

        Myth beats this game in terms of value and game play by far. This game is decent, but definitely not the best. The creators have actually hurt this projects potential IMO, with their pledge levels.

        • Levi

          Opionion is opinion BTW. I persoanlly backed Myth and that is amazing! Appereantly Marrow as a two persons company could not comapre to Mercs anyway. However, the reason I valued Journey is the best is because its uniqueness in terms of contexts (Chinese Mythology), mechanism (Karma system), and miniatures (giant and epic). I am not devalue any other great games, I love Myth, too. I would like to give more credit to something unusual on our table. Again, personal opinion.

        • Vaxillus

          I don’t think it’s fair to make a judgement on game play until both games are released. To the best of my knowledge, Journey hasn’t even been showcased in its entirety yet, and the rules for neither have been released in their final form.

          When you’re talking value you’re also bringing in sculpting quality, artwork, and presentation which in the case of Myth, while it has some pretty awesome concepts and figures, do not stand up on a technical level to those in Journey. You’ve got quality and size with Journey and quantity and variety with Myth, but it’s not cut and dry.

          I’m also gonna throw out that Kingdom Death: Monster finished January of this year, and if quantity of funding is doing the talking that crushes both these games combined.

  • Gallahad

    Woah! I just saw the scale shot, those minis are huge….I think I may have to get some of those awesome minotaurs.

    • AGN1964

      I think there a bunch a minis that would make for good x-over use. Most of the demons are huge and imposing when placed on a 28mm table top.

  • TAMN

    Wow – I’m very happy to see a female Pilgrim added to the game; this will certainly make my gamer circle very happy. All miniatures look so detailed and the cultural history & legend behind the game makes it look quite different to anything else out there. Who could resist the Monkey King? Having a female Pilgrim to play is a very nice bonus – I am definitely in on this Kickstarter!

  • Levi

    Just heard from the latest update that Marrow has established the distribution center within the EU territory. I believe this is a great news for gamers live in the EU, no worries to those expensive duty and fee anymore!