March 30th declared International TableTop Day

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 26th, 2013

TableTop Day has been announced for March 30th all around the world. Go out and get your gaming on.

From the website:

Welcome to International TableTop Day!

On March 30th, 2013 , we ask you to go to your friendly local game store, neighborhood coffee shop, school auditorium, community center, or host a game day at your home and play more games.
– See more at:

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  • Henrix

    Seeing that we hold our annual convention here i Gothenburg, Sweden, I think we’ll see some games run.

    (I’ll be holding Bushido demos, and hopefully a tournament.)

  • entil_zar

    In Düsseldorf, Germany the Games’n Dice e.V. gaming club will be having his 1st GnD Steelhammer tournament for Warma/Hordes

    further info

    Info on

  • cybogoblin

    There’s a national gaming event on here in NZ, and one of the comic shops in Auckland wants to run an X-Wing tourney, but that’s about it I think. Shame we didn’t get a little more notice.

  • Soulfinger

    I’m going to spend the entire day at my FLGS, which is a cardboard box in an alleyway. I penned “Game Store” on the box, and it is occupied by a hobo who is a very convincing game store owner with quite an imagination. They never have anything in stock though, so I have to do most of my shopping online.