Mantic’s Summer of Kings Of War is coming

Mantic hasn’t forgotten Kings of War with all this DreadBall and Loka stuff going on. They’ve got plenty in store for their fantasy setting.

From the update:

Ronnie’s newest blog post discusses the state of play with KIngs of War and the next wave of releases coming for the range, starting with the Trolls!!

  • Riquende

    £15/$25 for a set of 3 of those Trolls (for size reference, in KoW they’d be mounted on 40mm square bases).

  • Bellygrub

    “Rawr! I have giant arms and teeny tiny legs!”

  • wittdooley

    I know this is going to be unpopular, but I think those look like crap. The proportions are just turrible.

    • Gallahad

      The sculpting is good, but the proportions are truly awful.

  • vitzh

    Did they ever say if they are going to re-do the Abyssal dwarfs in plastic?

  • blkdymnd

    They’ve been reading the Privateer Press book of proportions?