Mantic’s Dreadball up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Aug 24th, 2012

Mantic has launched (and already successfully funded) their next Kickstarter campaign. This one’s for Dreadball, their fantasy (sci-fi) sports game.

From the campaign:

Dreadball is a two-player sports board game set in our Warpath universe where two coaches compete to outscore each other and win at all costs.

The game comes complete with a fantastically detailed full-colour pitch, two complete teams, a roster pad to keep a record of your team’s development ( yes – league play is included) plus counters, event cards, and dice – all packed in a beautiful high-quality box.

We’re launching DreadBall through Kickstarter where with the help of the community we hope to be able to include the referee figure, alternative sculpts and more players in the box, as well as create new teams, introduce new expansions and create a strong community so you’re always supported!

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  • surprize

    This game looks awesome but I’m having a hard time believing its going to retail for $80/£50 when released, which is the entry pledge for the boxed game (16 figures – 5 sculpts, a pitch and dice & cards)

    • Grindar

      Why so hard to believe? It’s comparable in size to the dwarf’s hold games that they make. Their miniatures are quite nice for being on the cheap side, in my opinion.

      • surprize

        Exactly my point, they retail for £35, so even with a much better quality pitch than the cardstock dungeon it feels like £40-£45 max would be a more realistic price. Ultimately it just feels to me like this is being set up for stretch goals so what they are currently offering is not what they ever intend the game to be. I.e. Its like a kickstarter club sandwich where the basic sandwich pledge is two slices of bread and the stretch goals will be lettuce, mayo, chicken and ham. The first dozen “stretch” goals will just be cynically positioned to fill in deliberate holes in the initial offer.

        Look, the game looks cool, they are free to do what they want, in the end everyone wins, I just get a sneaky feeling we’re being played a little.

        • Bewulf

          Well, that’s a Kickstarter problem. Projects which are funded (and overfunded) are featured more prominently.
          Add to that that backers are much more likely to pledge to a project that is already funded and that achieved stretch goals are excellent marketing material and you will end up with companies setting low “fake” funding goals. CMoN has done the same for all their Kickstarter campaigns.

    • If the board is a standard backed piece like you find in most board games then that is going to be a huge part of the cost. Those things are expensive to make.

  • keltheos

    Hopefully it’s of a better quality than their dungeoncrawl stuff. The cardstock and board are a little on the weedy side.

    • They did make a statement that the field gameboard is like a typical board game that’s heavy stock with a crease for folding into the box… So they will be sturdy, unlike their tile game(s).

  • cybogoblin

    This is looking good, as do all of the teams. It would be nice to see more of the Veer-myn team, though.

    Oh, and making the ref a separate model is a great idea.

    • PaleKing

      “…and making the ref a separate model is a great idea.”

      of Jervis Johnson’s…

      • “And making Orcs a separate race is a great idea.”

        Of J.R.R. Tolkien’s…

        • PaleKing

          Not of Tolkien’s at all, but leaving that aside, I was only noting that having a ref as a separate model is hardly a Mantic idea.

          • cybogoblin

            Hmm, I guess I must have missed that rule when I played Blood Bowl. Was it a later option add-on?

            What I was referring to here was that a ref controlled by both players appears to be a part of the game from the beginning.

          • PaleKing

            First and second editions of BB had refs as a separate model. Also controlled by the players. Some had chainsaws of their own 🙂

  • Nivanti

    I need to see how the game plays before I’ll commit, a vid showing basic core mechanics please mantic and if that cool you’ll have more backers as I’m sure I’m not the only one holding off for this!

    • mattjgilbert

      A video is coming.

      Those coloured areas on the pitch are the strike zones and you score in the ones in the opposition half. The furthest strike zone is worth more points. Each zone has a single strike hex to aim at and you get bonus points for scoring from the furthest hex from the strike hex.

      Play alternates between players in a series of “rushes”. You only get 5 action tokens to play as standard for a rush and your rush ends if you lose the ball. If someone scores, the ball is immediately launched back into play in the middle… the players are not reset… the game keeps going.

  • phoenixman

    will the minis be pre-painted?

    • mattjgilbert

      No. But they are single piece or snap fit to get playing as soon as possible.

  • PaleKing

    Just seems like another flimsy knockoff of another GW product from Mantic. They have a poor-quality version of WFB and a poor-quality version of 40K. Now they fancy producing BloodBowl but the best twist they can come up with is setting it int their version of 40K rather than their version of Fantasy. I’d prefer to see the company come up with something more original.

    • mattjgilbert

      Because every game and idea GW have is original? It’s a tired a baseless line of argument I’m afraid. A lot of people find KoW far superior to WFB. Horses for courses.

      DreadBall is a sports game and plays nothing like BB.

      • PaleKing

        “Because every game and idea GW have is original?”
        Absolutely not, and I would never claim so. It just seems to me that Mantic’s products are one poor cousin after another,which is a shame.

        • Bewulf

          Considering there are many people dissatisfied with GW, Mantic being the poorer but more likeable cousin might not be a bad thing.

          And while clearly related these cousins are not straight carbon copies of each other. Each has their own personality and quirks.

      • I’ll concur that KOW is a superior fantasy mass battle game.

        Of FMB rulesets that are currently supported by their creators, KOW is my favorite. (Of those not supported, War of the Ring)

      • Bellygrub

        I might buy into the whole “Mantic isn’t trying to knock off GW” thing if the humans weren’t wearing Space Marine helmets…

        • They look more like Tron/Hockey helmets mixed with Quickstrike from Beast Wars to me then Space Marines

          • cybogoblin

            There is certainly a similarity to Space Marines, but then it’s hard to have a full helmet with a grill at the front without doing so.

            A friend is already planning on replacing the heads with those of MaxMini’s Space Cops.

  • mattjgilbert

    Almost at the second stretch goal now. At the next one, more goodies get added to the core boxed set.

    • cybogoblin

      I must admit, the Trophy stretch is a bit meh, but I’m looking forward to more models and sculpts.