Mantic Zombies at Triple Helix Wargames

Triple Helix Wargames, in the UK, will be the source for the new Mantic Games Zombie figures this weekend.

From their announcement:

Want to get your zombie’s before the 24th September? Well the only place to do that will be here at Triple Helix Wargames, during our Grand Opening weekend, this weekend. Mantic will be here from 9am Saturday 18th doing demonstration and pick-up games all weekend, which will include the new zombie’s which of course we will have in our shop..

Come and see what all the fuss is about and why not come for the ribbon cutting at 9:30 by James Karch, play a game with Warlord, have a look at something on the bring and buy or try leading an Army to victory on our 40k Apocalypse table. That’s not all either, you can watch the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tournament, stay for some lunch in the cafe, get some raffle tickets to have the chance to win a signed copy of Fear the Alien by Dan Abnett and just before you go home why not have some Hog Roast and beer to keep you going for the trip..

Of course it’s not just a one day event, Warlord and Mantic will be here on Sunday too and the prizes and raffle will be done in the afternoon.