Mantic updates their Mars Attacks Kickstarter with pledge levels, add-ons and previews

Mantic fills their updates to the brim, that’s for sure. They’ve only got a couple days left on their Mars Attacks Kickstarter and are still adding new things on. They’ve got new pledge levels that make it simpler to know what you’re getting, mini-stretch goals to add some excitement in and some add-ons, which include dice. We can always use more dice.


From the campaign:

As we go in to these exciting last 48 hours we’ve continued to improve our front page with a simple new guide that shows you how to pick your pledge – this should help the backers who have been with us all the way pick exactly what they want, and the new backers see what a great deal it is and jump aboard.

  • jmw23

    I was a backer, but I dropped out. I wasn’t impressed with what was offered, and couldn’t escape that nagging feeling that Mantic was still slowly revealing base-set components that were always intended to be part of the game well into the $400k range. Backers like to get the feeling of added value, and I wasn’t seeing it. That said, it’s been a successful campaign, so good for them!

  • Same here. Same impression, same consequence.

    • But isn’t that the typical KS campaign overall? Basically you start off with half the contents and when it’s over you get the full box hopefully. If you are lucky you also get a few extras.

      Very few campaigns are straight up as this has been proven to work. Due to the conditioning that’s been going on most people have become accustomed to the fake freebies and just MOAN and moan if there aren’t a ton of unlocks. Personally I just want a straight up good deal from the start and anything else is gravy on top. Unfortunately KS is pretty much ruined for straight up campaigns as is.

      From a marketing standpoint I suppose doing it this way works better rather than having a lofty main goal of $400.000.

  • 4tonmantis

    The thing that gets me about their approach, is that in the newsletter they said that if they had been clever, they wouldn’t have used a dollar value for the add-ons.. and that they plan on learning from their mistakes.

    IF this is the business model they plan on, I won’t be backing any more Mantic crowd-sourcing. I got the same impression on the shallow entry point for the core game PLUS the extremely off-putting $100 as the original buy-in. The fact that they are only willing to add the stretch goals to the $100 buy-in cements their view that sub $100 pledges are worthless.

    On top of this, they have shifted the blame for their choice to go modern on the humans. This is a reversal, early in the comments they said THEY made this choice and that they discussed it at length. Recently, they said that Topps forced them to choose modern.

    Considering I don’t own any Mantic products, and am waiting for Deadzone fulfillment, I have only previous disappointment that I hear about from others on their choice of materials/casting, and the rules they develop. This puts me in a position of feeling like the money I put into Deadzone might lead to disappointment. I don’t care for the aesthetics of MA, I don’t care for the fact that they’re plastering it all over every Deadzone update (feels like they do Deadzone updates JUST to stick a Mars Attack notice in their..) I don’t care for the business model and structure of their pledges. If Mantic decides to go this route for things outside of Mars Attacks, this will lead to me not caring for Mantic products. After watching their pledge total bounce up and down and hearing the comments of others, I know that I’m not alone in my assessment.

  • Black Nexus

    tonnes of stuff got added to the $75, and all of the components are available separately, so everything from $1 got choice and stuff.

    hardly blame. invasion cards are modern, i suspect they had a conversation that said should we follow the invasion cards, and suspect topps said yes, because why wouldnt they want the KS to market their product? don’t recall anyone stated that anyone forced anyone. that’s just incorrect.

    whereas I hear only great things about customer service, that the quality of the last dreadball shipment, largely shipped on time, was much improved, and that people are thoroughly enjoying playing their games. must both have selective hearing 😉

  • Half million and climbing… doing something right 🙂