Mantic tease Mini-Kick and more

Mantic lets us know how things have been moving along with a couple of their projects, plus a tease at the next one they’ve got coming up.


From the post:

We are continuing this year and next to keep investing in our two worlds – The Kings of War realm and the Warpath universe. Other licenced properties hopefully will open new doors for the wider range and bring Mantic to more hobbyists – and ultimately that is what I want Mantic to stand for. Fully formed, interesting worlds and universes that can be gamed in.

I want to see a day when every school boy – and girl if they like – has a Mantic Tabletop miniatures game somewhere in their cupboard. It would be fantastic if people think of Mantic as a friendly gaming company that offers great toy soldiers, and fun games at reasonable prices – and as something they would like to spend their free time doing. Obviously the commitment to a skirmish game will be different than for a full mass combat wargame – some fans will be more committed than others. But I hope we can get to a place that anyone who wants to, can access a hobby that whether they enjoy collecting, painting or playing it is open and easy for them to do so.

  • surprize

    It’s a nice sentiment but I have a hard job believing their current business model is going to deliver Mantic games to school children. Quite the opposite, they are neglecting bricks and mortar stores to trade directly over the internet through crowd funding. I strongly suspect most school age children will still get games through toy stores (online & real ones) and high street shops (not FLGs or crowdfunding). I certainly wouldn’t indulge my kids by pledging on a kickstarter on their behalf, they’d probably be on to the next thing before it even arrived and it would never get touched.

    Although these kickstarters are generating lots of initial lump sums I’d be very interested to know how many units of dreadball, etc they are shifting once they are in stores. Although the KS $$ are impressive, relatively the number of pledges is low. They got something like 4-6000 each for Deadzone, Dreadball & Dungeon Saga. Then you look at the numbers of units just people on BGG own of some of the miniature board games on this list

    Pandemic 46.5k
    Games of Thrones 20k
    Decent 12k
    X-wing 15k

    What I’m saying is that it feels to me as if rather than kick starting, Mantic are one-shoting their games, then moving onto the next crowd funded expansion/IP. That’s fine as a business model, but frankly the company Ronnie is describing when he talks about a game in every school kid’s cupboard (for better or worse) is more likely FFG not Mantic.

    • Black Nexus

      There are 5-6 guys in their trade team (twice the number in their web team) working with retailers and distributors everyday to bring the product to stores.

      They have already said that DreadBall has sold 5-6 times the number of units at retail than they did on Kickstarter, and Mars Attacks has had even greater success.

      Kickstarters fund great product for retailers to sell, and sell it they do.

  • surprize

    No idea why it hot linked the bottom half of my post instead of “this list”. Probably missed a or a /. Stupid html

  • blkdymnd

    Also, I’d love to see them more spread out, but until they start caring about quality over quantity, and maybe focus on developing a product past its core, maybe they’ll be taken more serious.

    • Black Nexus

      The systems are plenty supported. What is it you think is missing?