Mantic Shows Off More New Kings of War Ogres

Mantic has had more than one successful Kickstarter this year. Remember back to Kings of War? They’re still working on some of those stretch goal offerings (there were a lot of them, afterall) and they wanted to show off some of the Ogres they’ve been working on.

From the update:

Mantic is making steady progress on the new sculpts for their Kings of War range as those of you at their Open Day can attest, and sculptor extraordinaire Rémy Tremblay has pretty much finished the fantastic range of Ogres.

The range currently includes 4 different weapon options and 6 different heads, and Rémy is just finishing off the iconic Ogre Hero that kicked off this project all the way back in May.

  • Bellygrub

    They look decent from the waist up. I dig the different heads. The lower body doesn’t look right though. Really tiny.

  • Bellygrub

    Looking at the pictures of the individual bodies farther down the page I’m hoping this is just an issue with the camera angle. Because those look fine.

  • 4tonmantis

    Hey look, they finally got Orcs right.. oh wait..

  • metalsifter

    Not a fan of the legs, they look like his knees are too close together, but otherwise I like it.

  • phoenixman

    another fantasy race for players to use as a cheaper but equally good alternative to GW.

    Go Mantic!!

    perhaps GW will finally wake up and smell the coffe that their models, whilst good, are vastly overpriced and gamers love companies like Mantic who sell them stuff at a fraction of GW’s cost, to play both Kings of War and Warhammer with.

    never bought Bloodbowl but seriously considering Dreadball from Mantic

    • odinsgrandson

      You know, for a Blood Bowl team, you could grab everything you need (dice/boards/teams) form Impact! miniatures.

      It is good to see more available (the science fiction look of the Dreadball minis is pretty cool).

      Impact generally stocks everyone’s fantasy football minis, but they don’t have Mantic’s set in just yet.

  • Gallahad

    I will never understand what it is with the French and their knock kneed miniatures. Hard to look heroic when it looks like you are trying to find a place to pee.

    The heads and detail look great, and I wish Mantic all the success in the world, but I can’t stand those gimpy little legs. The cartoony huge torso and tiny legs thing is essentially the whole reason I just can’t get into warmahordes.

    • Out of curiosity, and off topic, but can you show me some examples of the Privateer Press models you are citing as huge torso and tiny legs? I’m thinking of human-like sculpts here, not the fantasy jacks and beasts and monsters they make.

      • Gallahad

        Sure, the Khador demo corps, Menoth Exemplar Errants, Menoth Exemplar Cinerators, lots of the retribution warcasters, etc.

        But more importantly, do you actually play games of warmachine or hordes without jacks, beasts, or monsters?

      • 4tonmantis

        This is a beast/monster why would other beasts and monsters be ruled out?

        Playing the other side of the argument, there are of course creatures in nature that have large bodies and small legs. Primarily these are apes, monkeys, birds, and various quadrupeds.

  • blkdymnd

    French? Mantic is British

  • blkdymnd

    Never mind, I read the blurb and got the French comment