Mantic Previews The Walking Dead Rules

Mantic’s Kickstarter campaign for The Walking Dead: All Out War continues to shuffle along over on Kickstarter. But then again, zombies shuffle. It’s what they do. With just over a week gone in the campaign, they’ve made it to over 5x funded, breaking into several stretch goals along the way. To help entice more into the zombie lifestyle, they’ve posted up an overview of the rules over on their website.

For those that don’t like reading just a rulebook, but would rather get a more review-esque style telling of the rules, you’re in luck. The summary they put up is… well… much like you’d see from something like a review, really. They go over team building, talk about how the various scenarios follow the plot of the comics, explain how the zombies move and work, and all other such parts of the rules without being dry like just reading a rulebook can sometimes be.

They cover just about everything, so go check it out.


  • Daniel36

    The price is too steep for me to back it. Not sure if I will get it when it hits retail either. They are pulling the same uncool trick every single miniature game Kickstarter is pulling, and I just want to get it off my chest right here, right now.
    Kickstarter Exclusive miniatures. This is seriously the number one reason why I hate and probably will never ever back a Kickstarter. Great way to alienate everyone who doesn’t have huge wads of cash to throw your way right from the get-go. It is so stupid. I know how it works, I know why they do it, but I will never agree with it.

    • Ghool

      Uh….from what I see on the Kickstarter page they have a total of….ONE….Kickstarter exclusive figure.

      I’m not sure what you’re so mad about? The point is to increase the value to those that back before it hits retail. If there’s no incentive to do that, then what’s the point of backing?

      • Daniel36

        I dare bet it will be more, but even if it won’t be more, that’s still one too many. But it just ticks me off in general. This one just happens to be the one I comment on, as I was feeling grumpy. I’m okay now. 😛

    • Zoju

      There are lots of unlocked stretch goals now, so now you get a base game, two expansions, and a ton of extras. For 125, that’s good value now.

      • Daniel36

        Oh, I know it’s good value, it’s just too much for my poor little wallet to take. But I guess that is Kickstarter. I can pay premium prices, but just in very small quantities. So while stretch goals and whatnot are great, it is still 125 I have to dish out in advance. To be fair, I am probably not the target audience, I suppose. Plus I am Dutch, so I always have something to complain about. It’s genetic.

        • Zoju

          They just added a new, 75$ pledge level for just the base game, the bonus packs, and the wave 1 stretch goals. That might be more in reach!

          • Daniel36

            Thanks for the heads-up! That does give some food for thought.