Mantic previews finished Deadzone terrain display

Mantic is showing off their new completed Deadzone board over in their blog.

From the update:

Following an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign a couple of months ago, Mantic’s Deadzone is coming together for a release later this year.

The hard plastic modular terrain system has received a lot of interest. The first samples have now been painted, and they’re looking great!

  • 4tonmantis

    I really hate sounding like a cynical fanboy.. but if that’s intended to be the studio terrain for showing off that new product.. it’s pretty flat. At least I see that there is a lot of nice detail and can start planning on how I can dress mine up.

    • Gabbi

      I agree. The build is uninspired and flat. Also, it doesn’t seems it can allow so much variety to cover a full table. It’s sure a nice option (hopefully cheap, too) to mix with other terrains, but not so good if used alone, imho.

  • Riquende

    It’s been a few days, but when Mantic posted that themselves they said it was unfinished, I think something may have gotten lost in the translation to TGN

  • jkadisak

    From the original posting of this by Mantic, “What you see above is the equivalent of what you’ll get in the basic Deadzone boxed game”. The basic box game is focused on 2×2. So this picture wasn’t really meant to “wow” anyone, but to show that you can still have a reasonable amount of cover without any extra terrain added in.

    I am getting around 7 times that amount of terrain from my KS pledge, so I should be able to fill out a larger area quite nicely. 🙂

    • grimbergen

      I don’t think the disappointment stems from the lack of pieces, but rather the design of them. Even in the tables fully loaded with stacks and stacks of levels, there’s something a bit uninspiring about the design of these, that they are all just big basic squares and no other shapes. Kinda like the soviet-era prefab buildings.

      And it looks worse and even more flimsy when sometimes a few sides are taken off for “variety”…

      • Exactly my thoughts. I thought people were going nuts for them in KS. I have not seen any actual modular terrain that is any good as of yet maybe other than the escenorama epsilon sci-fi ones. The problem with them though is that they are in resin and as such unaffordable compared to this. Like you said though, this is pretty uninspiring. I am probably just gonna cut mine into pieces and make something decent looking – the patterns on them seem rather good.

      • jkadisak

        I agree that I don’t like the scatter design much. I plan on making whole buildings (some with battle damage) as was originally shown for the Kickstarter.

        It is interesting you say it looks like prefab buildings, because per their background fluff that’s exactly what they are supposed to be. The corporations ship prefab units to the remote colonies that can be formed into various structures once on site. I am sure this was used as an excuse to not have more variety, but at least they had already thought about it and wrote it into the story line to try and make sense of it.

        I suppose I am still cautiously optimistic about the terrain. I assume if it sells well enough they will add more variety later too.