Mantic previews Dwarf Shieldbreakers

Mantic Games have posted preview of their upcoming 28mm plastic Dwarf Shieldbreaker figures.

From their announcement:

The Dwarf Shieldbreaker frame is just one of several new units we have planned for the existing ranges (we’re still getting requests for Dwarf cavalry – that’d be fun wouldn’t it?) and will begin shipping on the 26th November. They are now available to pre-order from our website.

Of course, if you cannot wait until then, you can actually pick up the Shieldbreakers in the Dwarf Army Set alongside 40 Ironclad, 30 Ironwatch and 2 warmachines (as well as the Kings of War rulesets.); the single best way to start a plastic Dwarf collection, nearly two weeks earlier than their main release. Check out the set here.