Mantic preview the Abyssal Lord’s War Conclave

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Mar 3rd, 2011

Mantic Games have posted a preview of the Abyssal Lord’s War Conclave figure set.

Abyssal Lord’s War Conclave

From their announcement:

So, slight break in proceedings as we divert our Dwarf King’s Hold attention away for a brief second to check out these awesome Abyssal Dwarf paintjobs – Golem Painting Studio have only gone and produced blinding paintjobs on the forthcoming Abyssal Dwarf War Conclave set (which by the way, is now available for pre-order)!

We’ve also incorporated your feedback into the sculpts, altering the face of the sorcerer and removing the pipes from the Lord, as well as adding in a few cogs and clockwork to make him a little less… sci-fi. See, we listen!

These figures should be in every Abyssal Dwarf army simply because they are 3 of the coolest characters we’ve done yet. (Please note, the Lord does not come with the display base).

  • Haibane

    These look pretty neat I have to say, along with all of the Abyssal Dwarf range – although Mantic are still failing to step out of GW’s shadow in terms of what they produce. Evil dwarves with a penchant for blunderbusses? And now bull centaurs too? XD.

    • Veritas

      From a business perspective they’re smart for not stepping out from under GW’s shadow. At least for now. Until their game system catches on they can make money selling to the people who want to play Warhammer, but don’t have the gobs of disposable income needed for official GW models.