Mantic preview Elven Battle Dragon

Mantic Games have posted a photo of a painted sample of their Elven Battle Dragon.

From their website:

We’ve been really really excited in the Mantic offices for a little while now. Not only have we got Garius Maximus, guardian of the Mantic Tower’s dungeon, releasing all of the Undead into the wild, we’ve also got our first Paint set, our first Undead metal set and a brand spanking new Elf set – the Elf Lord on Battle Dragon.

This monstrous mount has been hinted at for a little while now, and we can finally say that it will be released in April and included in a brand new Elf army deal (more on that in the this weeks newsletter.). There’s nothing quite as impressive as a dragon in an army… well, except for maybe an army with a dragon and drake cavalry.