Mantic preview Dwarf Ironbeards

Mantic Games have posted photos of their metal Dwarf Ironbeard figures.

Dwarf Ironbeards

From their announcement:

Dwarf Ironbeards are veteran warriors of wars fought long ago, impassive and grim. Leading from the front, Ironbeards often take up the leadership of other Dwarf Regiments, showing their kin how to wage war in a “proper manner.” Carrying a mix of weapons into battle, heavy hammers, sharp pickaxes and iron shields, they are fully prepared for any enemy that should confront them. Ironbeards are a revered addition to any Dwarf army, as solid as the mountain realms themselves.

Now, we think these make a great little unit or a superb addition to existing units out there, particularly due to their alternative command group and the Ironbeards set is currently found in the Dwarf King’s Throng, a massive army deal which, in addition to the 5 Ironbeards, contains 80 plastic infantry, 4 plastic artillery pieces, a Flame Cannon, a hero set and 10 Berserkers.
The metal Ironbeard set will be up for pre-order very shortly and will be shipping in July.