Mantic posts update about projects for the new year

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Jan 10th, 2014

Mantic’s Ronnie Renton posted up a new year’s peek at what will be coming out from the company in the next several months, including DreadBall Extreme in February.


From the post:

Ronnie Renton posts his yearly blog on the direction of the company and let’s slip a little nugget: DreadBall Xtreme is coming to Kickstarter in February!

“We thirst for more [DreadBall] – more teams, more ways of playing, more ways to pick and individualise our own rosters – and for getting out from under the bright lights of the the DreadBall arenas. We want to play in the darkest corners of the Corporation, where anything goes and money talks! We want to take DreadBall to a deeper and nastier place. We hinted at it with the very last stretch goal of the first campaign – Blaine – and gave it a page in the Season 3 rulebook. Yes, we want to play DreadBall Xtreme! We hope you’re as excited about the idea as we are, and we can proudly announce that it will be coming to a Kickstarter near you in February! Let the violence begin…”

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  • surprize

    Clearly going to make a packet on kickstarter, but its just too complex now. It reminds me of GW games from the early-90’s. When the games had a rulebook, a compendium, an expansion, several source books, a magic book, etc, etc and when you were looking to get into it from a standing start there is a baffling array of products and seemingly no guarantee if you buy one or more of them you can actually play the same game as your mate who also bought “Dreadball”.

    I’m sure it all makes sense to the fans and people already playing it.

    • 4tonmantis

      I think any time you have a game that is centered around a small number of figures and it’s meant to follow a progression of customization of those figures (or even pen and paper characters) you will end up with a similar array of publications. Specialist games from GW ended up this way, most pen and paper RPGs, etc. Part of it is how young the game is and that at this point, it’s sort of growing and evolving, while the other side is, by having these more advanced mechanics separate, it allows one to simply enter in the base game and then expand as they grow comfortable. I know that if I were to try to get into Dreadball, and it had ALL of the rules and play formats and everything that Ronnie is discussing, I would probably feel intimidated and overwhelmed.

      For a comparison, if you took Advanced 2nd Edition DnD, compiled in every compendium, expansion, optional rule, etc etc.. the book would be insanely large.

  • lochmoigh

    Really all you need is the base game to have what you need to play. Everything else is really fluff and isn’t needed. Rules clarifications are usually on the site and they have only been one ability and the way the ball enters play.