Mantic Posts Concept for All-Female Corp Team for Dreadball

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 5th, 2012

DreadBall isn’t just for men (or man-orx or man-dwarves). The ladies can get involved, too. Mantic’s got some female DreadBall player WIP artwork up to show that.

From the update:

We’ve been playing around with what the next stretch goal could be and when we got this concept from Roberto Cirillo earlier today, we thought what the heck – could it be a female Corporation team?

What do you think – should we post these gals up next?

As you can see from the alternate helmets and shoulder pads, this is still an early concept and we’re open to ideas on how to improve the design. We want to incorporate the suit from Wildcard in some way, probably taking off some of the armour. We’re also really liking Helmet C.

Please drop us your comments below and let us know what you think!

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  • jedijon

    Reading this update literally, I’m posting my comments below most dutifully. So – Infinity; nice clean lines and elegant figures. Do that w/your fembot team. Your male miniatures in the same line – chunky paints, clunky color scheme. Do more to delight! It will pay off for you when hobbyists want to gather around your flag. Edit yourself and improve those figure designs. DON’T MAKE THEM LIKE SISTERS OF BATTLE!

  • deedoublejay

    I think their gear should look like feminine versions of the Corp. team.

    • Black Nexus

      would be cool to mix the teams for sure. i think that there’s hundreds of corporations out there though, so it makes sense the armour is different