Mantic Point Reward System updated

Mantic Games have updated their Mantic Point Reward System.

From their announcement:

Mantic has grown a lot over the last last year, and the last few months in particular, we have seen so many great releases and fantastic miniatures. However while we continue to grow, the principles we set in place at the beginning are here to stay.

We here at Mantic really feel we should reward our loyal customers, and our Mantic Point Scheme was set-up with this in mind. To reflect how much Mantic has grown we felt it was time to update the Mantic Points.

We have created a new section on our website, which you can see here. These pages list all of the great rewards that you can redeem, and with this new system in place it is now easier than ever before for us to keep the scheme updated.

Currently we have two reward levels: 10 Points and 25 Points.

So, for all of our loyal customers out there, start sending in your Mantic Points, and claim the rewards you all deserve.