Mantic Orc preview and pre-order

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Mar 17th, 2011

Orc Standard BeareMantic Games have posted a preview of their upcoming 28mm metal Orc Standard Bearer and are also accepting pre-orders for their first fantasy Orc army set – Gakamak’s Green Tide.

  • Sevej

    That’s much, much better than my expectations. Seems like a good mix between WHFB and LoTR orcs.

  • KaneBlaireau

    I gotta say I am VERY impressed. I REALLY like it.

  • Well I’ll be… Is Mantic doing figures that I like? Interesting…

  • Kane856

    Gorgeous – the orc on a boar is stunning as well 🙂

  • Darsc Zacal

    It should be noted that the two metal Orc figures, the Orc Standard Bearer and the Orc Leader on the boar, were not done by the sculptor who is doing the Orc plastic mini’s. Just so people know that these may not be typical of the rest of the army.

  • Where are the pics of the Boar riding orc?

    Definately more gritty than the GW orcs. Seem to have a lot more character to them.

  • Now those are cool Orcs.
    Just got a Mhorgoth’s Revenge set. Might be an Orc army in my future as well.

    • cannondaddy

      If you’re using them for Kings of War you can use both in the same army!

  • jedijon

    Won’t get just two minis out of a big lineup. This and the rider are great so far, their three-up of the warrior and his tiny friend are just as blobby as the rest of the mantic offerings – but nice effort anyway!

    I’d just like to know why Mantic would tolerate such a wide range of quality in their product anyway? Most of a miniature for me is in the face. Two of these are cool almost human orcs and I like the execution.

    • Veritas

      It was the same for me with their Dwarves. The berserkers were fantastic, but the rest of the army was fairly blah.

      • Morf

        The rules is that anything that looks fantastic in the Mantic line (these Orcs, undead cavalry, vampire, berzerkers) is sculpted by Remy Tremblay.

        • Darsc Zacal

          I have to admit, I’d like to see him have a go at sculpting a plastic line for Mantic.

        • Visiting Artist

          I’m going to say thanks -(for the group effort)
          I concept, Mike (McVey) AD’s and Remy sculpts (on all the products you listed) (Juan Perez did the undead mounts – not concepted by me)

          I have no input on the plastics designs – I use them as a basic template though, so if things are out it’ll be my fault and things will change again when Remy sculpts them.