Mantic launches Mars Attacks Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Oct 4th, 2013

Mantic made no secret this thing was coming and now it’s here! The Mars Attacks Kickstarter is underway and is already 1.5x funded.


From the campaign:

The fight for Earth has begun – prepare your tabletop for invasion!

To celebrate 50 years of Martian Mayhem, Mantic Games has teamed up with Topps to make Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game, an exciting two-player tabletop game played with plastic figures based on Topps’ Mars Attacks Cards and Comics, ready to game with right out of the box.

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  • Grim6

    Funded almost immediately! Don’t know the exact time, but it was well under an hour.

    • A few places I’ve seen have claimed 15min.
      They’re at $133k at the moment, so 2.5x funded.

      • blkdymnd

        I kept track this morning. It started two minutes late, and hi $50k at 5:44 by my clock. I would estimate about 12 minutes.

  • Major_Gilbear

    I just wish Mantic would stop spamming their previous backers with this… I backed two of their previous games, and so I receive every message about Mars Attacks twice. I get that they want to raise awareness of this launch, but I hope they stop pestering folks about it now that it’s funded. I mean, even if I was lukewarm about the game before, I’m positively sick of it already now! =0(

    • Riquende

      I’m not sure I’d consider it spamming, I’ve received exactly one message to do with Mars Attacks per previous Kickstarter, and they all appeared at roughly the same time.

  • 4tonmantis

    I’m skipping this one for a number of reasons. The structure of the pledge levels is very… capitalist.. to put it politely. I’m also not seeing a value. Everyone seems to be looking at this as a miniatures game..but everything I’ve seen shows it to really just be a board game that plays kinda like a miniature game.

    • If you notice with Kickstarter, a lot of the boardgames are following this trend- Use tiles or a gridded map to move models (Which could be done with chits) around on the board.

      I think a lot of people, me included, like the ease of setting up a game, and being to play it in a reasonable amount of time.

      See: Sedition Wars, Zombiecide, Eden’s board game, Myth, Kingdom Death: Monster, etc, etc.

      • Ghool

        If you can box it as a complete game then it will sell much more readily to board gamers, as well as miniatures gamers.

        It’s just an easy way to sell more copies.

        • 4tonmantis

          Yeah, they are tacking on all of these “special characters” as upgrades or exclusive things or whatever.. If the ones they are showing right now were in it.. I’d still feel like it was expensive for $75.. and they’re not even in it.. you have to add them on for more $$$. The entire campaign is set up with little fine print barriers to common sense. I really wish people would read and think a bit more (speaking of which.. I’m off to find out if they’re using restic and my other suspicions)

      • 4tonmantis

        I’m not opposed to that.. I more meant that the models are static pose (as far as I could tell they are not multipart plastic outside of the bubble helmets.. but I might be mistaken). The customization of games like Deadzone by comparison provides a logical reason for the increased cost. The fact that the game starts at $75 and is only available by itself as an add-on (not a pledge).. when they have made sure that there is not a $1 pledge level, is extremely cheeky. You can still pledge at $1 but it is not listed in the minimum buy-in.. so who knows if they would honor it.

        I play DnD minis with my kids.. so I don’t really have a problem with this type of game.. it’s more about the decision making going on by Mantic. I’ve also heard they’re using restic.. which I have no clue if that’s accurate or not but until I see my Deadzone figures I’m holding off on buying anything these guys put out.

        • Riquende

          ” The fact that the game starts at $75 and is only available by itself as an add-on (not a pledge).. ”

          The $100 and $150 pledge levels include the game plus addons. The $75 game addon is for a second copy.

          • 4tonmantis

            No, you can pledge a dollar and add the $75 add on. I asked Mantic and they confirmed.. even offered to add that as a tier once they saw that I was disappointed in their system…. and yet.. strangely they haven’t. They have made their goals very clear..

          • Riquende

            Oh, I see what you’re after now, the game plus no add-ons. I thought you meant that no pledge levels included the game at all, which isn’t the case.

            Can’t imagine that pledge level would be particularly popular though.

        • Ghool

          Mantic uses the same PVC that PP and CMON are using.
          If you’re expecting anything else, you’re going to be disappointed.

          And as far as I’m concerned, it’s pretty expensive for what you get.

        • Black Nexus

          Actually, you don’t need the $1. You pledge $75 and you’d get the core game, which you select on the survey at the end. You pledge $15 for the cards, and you can have just the cards. Pledge $25 and you can have just the terrain. Pledge $15 and you can have just the US troops if you want. Why wouldn’t they honour it?!

          There’s nothing unscrupulous going on – there’s no $1 level because, well, what is the $1 for? The privelage? All of those add-ons include free shipping to US and UK too.

          The thing is, for $100, you get $50 of Add-ons and a $75 game, which I’m sure will have more stuff in.

          FYI, models are the same plastic as the Gears of War figures, not restic.

          • 4tonmantis

            They didn’t clarify that until here recently.. before there was no mention of adding the $75 package.

            I don’t understand the hostility.. most KS throw in a $1 pledge level to make it easy to just click buttons to build your package. I’m not sure what “privelage” you’re referring to..

            As far as the $100 level giving you “$50” worth of stuff.. The game is $75.. so you’re really only getting $125 worth.. and even then.. I don’t think what you get is anywhere close to the value.. nor do I think the $75 core game is well-priced, which is why I’m skipping this… and I’m not alone.
            The plastic being the same as Gears of War.. oookay.. since I have no clue what the plastic from GoW is like that really doesn’t say anything other than it’s not high-quality polystyrene. If it’s typical “board game plastic” then yeah… I double my sentiment about this being overpriced.

            I get that people who are backing this think it’s a good deal.. and that’s fine.. I won’t tell you how to spend your money.. but getting an attitude or arguing isn’t going to make me suddenly go “hot damn, that IS a good deal”, especially since the interesting stuff is ALL extra.

          • Riquende

            “most KS throw in a $1 pledge level to make it easy to just click buttons to build your package.”

            No, most KS use the $1 pledge so that people can get in on the comments/start receiving updates without having to put in serious money at the start.

            I think you have to remember (what with it being a Mantic KS) that what you’re looking at now won’t be the same as what the end result is, I think the people who think they’re getting a good deal are factoring in future freebies.

            Also, not seeing anywhere in the whole train of posts anybody trying to argue or with any ‘attitude’. The only thing I can see that is remotely rude could be your comment “The entire campaign is set up with little fine print barriers to common sense. I really wish people would read and think a bit more” which aims a vague swipe at anybody backing the campaign, but it’s not worth getting worked up over to be honest. As with all KS projects, some will see some value in it, some won’t.