Mantic Kickstarter closing in on Mummies

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jun 11th, 2012

Mantic’s Kickstarter is over the $80k mark and closing in on the release of the Mummies along with the rest.

From the update:

Wow – thank you so much for your support! We’re closing in on the Mummies!

We’ve now put together this handy list for all of our Mantic Champions just to see what they get with this once in a lifetime opportunity:

At Champion ($100 or more)
– A free Troll
– A free Orc Chariot/Fight Wagon
– A signed Lithoprint of the Mantica Map
– Undead Vampiress from the cover art
– An Army Set of your choice (Choose from Undead, Dwarfs, Orcs, Elves)
– Kings of War Hardback Rulebook, signed by Ronnie and Alessio with your name immortalized in the book.
– Free Electronic Kings of War Hardback Rulebook
– An electronic copy of the Kings and Legends Book.
– 10 Mantic Splat Dice
– 32 Page mini-rulebook
– A free ticket to our Mantic Party in September or Gencon Kings of War event in August.

And that’s just for starter – check out the full range of extras on our Kickstarter page!

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  • Tamwulf

    That’s a lot of stuff for a little bit of money!

  • Jonny O

    So if i pledge 100 dollars now do i get all that stuff? Or is it just people who have already pledged that get all that stuff? That is a lot of… Stuff!!

    • scarletsquig

      You should see what you get if you pledge $225 – an absolutely insane mountain of freebies – all of the above, plus some extra metal characters, unit of 3 werewolves, unit of 3 ogres, unit of 3 trolls instead of just one. 🙂

      I have all of the pledge levels laid out in a post here if you want to see a comprehensive list of everything you get at each pledge level:

      This kickstarter is flat-out the best value deal Mantic has ever done… and the company is good value to start with, so you really cannot go wrong with this if you have any interest in fantasy gaming whatsoever.

    • Black Nexus

      If you pledge $100 now you’ll get all of that stuff – the more you pledge and the more people you get to pledge, the more stuff you get!

  • Nightbee

    Just need to get in before it ends.

    • Black Nexus

      Definitely – 12 day left!!