Mantic July and August 2011 releases

E-Figures Distribution have posted a list of July and August 2011 releases from Mantic Games.


  • MGE AKM21-1 Mantic Hobby Set ~ $24.99
  • MGE KWU61-1 Undead Wraiths ~ $24.99
  • MGE KWU77-1 Undead Mounted Vampire Lord ~ $19.99
  • MGE KWU78-1 Undead Vampire Lord and Soul Reaver Knights ~ $44.99
  • MGE KWU82-1 Undead Elites ~ $74.99


  • MGE DHM82-1 Dwarf King’s Hold 2 – Green Menace ~ $59.99
  • MGE KWD75-1 Dwarfs Warsmith ~ $11.99
  • MGE KWE92-1 Elves King With Spear ~ $11.99
  • MGE KWK72-1 Abyssal Dwarf King ~ $13.99
  • MGE KWO72-1 Orc Warlord ~ $13.99
  • MGE KWU90-1 Undead Mhorgoth ~ $11.99
  • MGE KWV70-1 Dark Elf Sourceress ~ $11.99
  • MGE MAG14-1 Mantic Magazine #4 ~ $3.75
  • Dark Elf Sorceress, is this a sign of future Dark Elves to come?

    • Zac

      We previewed it here a few days ago and it is indeed the first of a range of Dark Elves.

  • Dead Kennedy

    Hmm, bit on the expensive side for those blisters. That’s a bit disappointing. Reckon I’ll order the boxes before the price change/blisters. Definitely picking up an Elite box though, seems like it will round out my Morgoth/Undead boxes nicely.

    • Zac

      Hmm, bit on the expensive side for those blisters.

      Only 2/3rds of a GW. Doesn’t seem too bad.

      • Dead Kennedy

        True enough. Comparing to things like Avatars of War, GW and the like puts it into perspective. Even Reaper minis of similar proportions (large orcs, ogres, werecritters) have a similar price tag.

  • Will B

    Expensive single figures, pushing up towards AoW, Freebooter or GW prices but without the bump in quality.

    • Zac

      Only seen photos of painted figures so far so I am going to reserve comment on quality

      • Osbad

        The mantic metals are well cast, neatly sculpted and metal. So much can be objectively said for them.

        As for subjective opinions: Mantic are developing their own style for the various Fantasy racial tropes which is somewhat less “heroic” in style to that of some of the main incumbents in the industry. Whether that is to your taste or not is a personal decision as with any stylistic choice.

        It seems that enough individuals like the style so far to justify this new move which Ronnie explained in Turn 8 a couple of weeks back was a response to customer requests for the models to be available in this way.