Mantic goes to ruins

Mantic has posted up some preview shots of new ruins terrain pieces they’re working on.

ruins sneak peek


From the post:

Mantic Games’ Ruins sprues are ‘distressed, burned, melted’ and otherwise damaged pieces that fit with our Battlezones range to create scenery fitting for any battle, and any amount of incursion. They look great as isolated panels, or as a whole set of ruins that are so bombed out and battle damaged that the only value in them is the land they’re standing on, from an invasion/incursion/reclamation point of view.

Included in this release, as per the picture is rubble and rebar piles, which could be used as prone markers or other items in games requiring damage to be marked out. Consider using them after a bomb blast to mark difficult terrain, perhaps?

So, what do you think? Are you going to take these and make something great?