Mantic gives us a look at some of their Corporation art work

Mantic gives us a piece of their Corporation art work.

From them to you:

An Army Release isn’t complete without a fantastic piece of art and the Corporation are no different.

We are virtually out of stock on Corporation so as a precautionary measure we will be ending our unbelievably good value Armoured Division Ultimate army deals and Ranger heavy Infiltrator Strike Team on Monday 12th March so if you want one, best get it now!

  • The word is artwork.

    Also, I am extremely confused at the lack of vehicles in their Armoured Division. Am I missing something?

    • Soulfinger

      It doesn’t say vehicles, it just says that they are “Armoured.” See those helmets they are wearing? That’s armor. That’s why the above piece is titled, “Major-General, get down from there! You’re not wearing your helmet! You might get hurt! Also, Jones broke his glowstick again.”

      • lol, there’s also the possibility that they ride one another into battle..

        • Soulfinger

          Hopefully they reserve that idea for the space dwarves or the kinky sex aliens that I thought were going to be the antagonists in Project Pandora.